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Wholesale t shirts being manufactured in an ethically certified factory

“We are truly human and nature centered.”

Stanley & Stella

Our manufacturing partners at Stanley & Stella were founded on the belief that the textiles industry has to start acting a lot more responsibly; with change as the only option.
With their business built on these strong values, sustainability has been implemented right across the supply chain; starting with raw materials, where they only use organic cotton, wool, tencel, modal or recycled polyester.

Through the use of organic cotton we are able to deliver high quality fashionable products, that are soft to touch and better for the environment.
These products are perfect for print or embroidery customisation, for any organization wanting to display their commitment to organic, ethical production.


Social Responsibility

Ethics is at the heart of production at Stanley & Stella, who strive not only to be transparent and ethical, but also to help employees develop new skills and be proud of the work being done.

To help ensure the highest standards are maintained across all of the factories involved in production, Stanley & Stella are members of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). The FWF is an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for textile and garment workers; ensuring the standards we expect are guaranteed.

Sustainable Manufacturing

From the seed right through to the finished product, all of the products and processes involved in production are scrutinised and verified by a number of reputable external organisations, enabling us to guarantee the highest levels of sustainability are met.

Organic cotton within the products comes with a number of benefits, including reduced water usage in production, no GMO’s and softer products. Additionally crop rotation and biodiversity are allowed. When using other fabrics recycling and nature preservation are integrated into production.


Complete Transparency 

We believe in complete transparency, which is why you can view detailed supply chain information, enabling you to see the product origins.

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