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If you need a durable, professional finish at a low cost Embroidery may be the right option for you.

The quality of your Embroidery is highly reliant upon two elements, firstly like with most print methods, it’s about having the best machinery for the job; however, it doesn’t stop there, digitisation is also a critical part of the process in ensuring the highest quality. Digitisation is the process of converting your 2D vector artwork into thread or stitches for the machines to embroider.
At A.M. Custom Clothing we use the latest embroidery technology available in Europe, ensuring you get the best results; which is why we supply some of the UK’s biggest brands and organisations with their embroidered clothing.

With quality and sustainability being at the heart of what we do, we choose to only use Madeira Threads. Madeira Threads are the gold standard of threads in our industry; with threads that deliver outstanding quality, whilst also meeting the highest environmental standards. You can find out more about these standards here.

We can embroider a whole host of products, from something as basic as polo shirts, right through to bags and coats; whether it’s for work wear, corporate clothing or even for retail brands. As a result of the quality we deliver, our embroidery will normally outlast the garments.

3 Reasons to Embroider

1. Cost effective for larger volumes.
2. Lasting finish that won’t crack or peel off.
3. Highest quality, with all of our printing & finishing undertaken here in the UK.

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How it works

How Embroidery Works

Once your design work is digitised in a suitable format, it can be loaded into our computerised embroidery machines for sewing. Providing a highly durable finish that creates an impression of quality & style.

Excellent for polos, jackets, caps, knitwear etc.

Quick Tips?

Not sure what format your artwork needs to be in for Embroidery? Find out more here.

Need some design advice? Our Design Resources section is filled with lots of tips and tricks.


Behind the scenes

You can get a behind the scenes look at all of our market leading print technology in the video below.

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