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Is Relabelling Essential?

Unless you’re a large retailer or established fashion brand the answer is generally no. If you’re unsure on whether relabelling is right for you, you can read more here. If you know relabelling is what you need, read on for more details on what we offer.


Inner Neck Printing

If you’re buying t-shirts, and don’t want woven labels this is a great option and something we offer. Inner neck printing can be a great option for rebranding garments, and also means you don’t need to purchase and store woven labels. We have a minimum order of just 25+ products for inner neck printing. We don’t offer label removal with this service, so your printed inner neck label would be alongside the manufacturers labels.

If printing on the outside nape of the neck there is no minimum order, making this a great place to pop your brand logo, without having to worry about minimum orders.


Woven Neck Labels & Relabelling

Getting your garments ready for retail can be highly complex and expensive, especially for smaller fashion brands who cannot purchase in the high volumes of large retailers.

The traditional supply chain generally involves being tied to one expensive supplier that offers you everything, or having complex logistics. This generally comes with a myriad of complexities and supply chain risks. That’s without even considering the legal complexities and requirements that come when selling relabelled clothing products.

For this reason, when it comes to woven relabelling we do things a little differently. We put you in touch directly with verified specialist partner factories here in the UK.


What Does This Mean?!

Wholesale printed and embroidered garments is our core competency, we’re awesome at it. However, pre-retail garment processing (relabelling and more) is an entire industry in itself, because at a retail level it’s highly complex.

You need to think about labels in the neck, the side seam, overlock stitching, washcare labels, size pips, the legal requirements around relabelling, and so much more.

Due to these complexities, most print and embroidery companies will limit what you can do and will have high minimum order quantities. This is because it’s not their core competency.

For this reason we set up strategic partnerships with suppliers in the garment processing industry to save you time and money when making your garments white label.

In putting you directly in touch with specialist partner factories, we remove these limitations, and provide even more benefits.

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How Does This Work?

It’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

Step 1.

Use our Online Shop to calculate the price for products and printing or Request a Quote. You don’t have to make a purchase at this stage, the website is just a quick way to calculate prices.

Step 2.

Drop us an email with your order requirements & the type of relabelling you’re after (if you’ve used our Online Shop, just let us know the products you picked). We’ll put you directly in touch with the appropriate person for your requirements.

Step 3.

Once you’re happy with the relabelling side of things, it’s time to purchase your products. Just place an order on our website (or approve a quote if you’ve had one) and we’ll handle the garments and printing for you. We will send the garments directly to you or your preferred delivery address once complete (we advise this to ensure you’re happy with everything prior to relabelling).

Step 4.

You can pass the garments onto the relabelling partner factory, for all of your relabelling requirements (or we can send direct if you’d prefer).


While speaking to 2 sets of people sounds like a challenge it is actually faster; as relabelling and printing are 2 very different sectors within the textiles industry, so it makes sense to keep these conversations separate, and with specialists in their respective fields.

Other benefits include:

- Lower minimum order quantities
- Faster Lead Times
- Lower Prices
- Expert advice and best machinery for each job
- Fewer limitations & more options
- The results you want, without compromise
- Speak to a specialist dedicated to that field of work only

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