Relabelling & Swing Tags

t-shirt with custom woven labels

If you’re looking to fully brand your products for retail, then our garment finishing service is just what you need.

We offer the full package, including relabelling, inner neck printing, folding, poly bagging, custom swing tags and much more; ensuring your products are fully customised to reflect your brand.


Is Relabelling Essential?

Unless you’re a large retailer or established fashion brand the answer is generally no. However, it is a service we offer. If you’re unsure on whether relabelling is right for you, you can read more here. If you know relabelling is what you need, read on for more details on what we offer.


Woven Labels & Relabelling

Our woven labels are manufactured to the highest quality here in the UK, and while we have a minimum order of 500+ labels, you’ll be surprised by the great value for money on this quantity. You are not required to use all 500 in one go, and we can in fact stitch your labels into as few as 50 products at a time, we’re then happy to store the rest for you until your next order.

If you already have your own woven labels and just require the application of these, that’s no problem.


In most cases, with relabelling, we’ll insert woven size tabs (it’s always handy to know the product size!); we have a minimum order of 100 size tabs, however these are also great value, and can be stitched in 50+ products at a time.

When relabelling, manufacturers labels are removed using an unpick and sew technique, leaving you with the highest retail quality finish. We can also provide hem labels sewn along the bottom of the hem on products, these can also be applied to other parts of the garment like sleeve hems.


Inner Neck Printing & Relabelling

Inner neck printing can be a great option for rebranding garments, and also means you don’t need to purchase and store woven labels. We have a minimum order of just 50+ products for printed neck relabelling. We have a variety of print methods we can use to apply your neck print, but we usually recommend a Screen Print Transfer for the best value and results. 

With this process we can keep the manufacturers labels in the products (some are super subtle), or we can unpick and sew them, depending on your preference. Some products come free from neck labels or with tear-out-tags; which is ideal for those looking to keep prices low.


Side Seam Label Removal & Overlock Stitching

Some blank wholesale products come with wash care labels in the side seam, where you may also find the manufacturers branding. While this is quite subtle, if selling for retail you may want this removed. Our overlock stitching service allows us to remove these labels, and re-stitch the garment back together, leaving, a neat, professional retail quality finish. We have a minimum order of 100+ units for this service.


Wash Care Labelling & Label Removal Considerations

If you remove any of the manufacturer's labelling, you will need to have the information from them relocated. This includes size, fibre composition, country of origin and wash care instructions - this is a legal requirement in the UK (requirements may vary in other countries). It is your responsibility to ensure that all legal requirements are met before selling products.

There are a few places you can place this information on the product, although we suggest either of the following:

- On the woven neck labels
- Printed into the inner neck

We can produce satin wash care labels for you if required and apply these to your garments; we generally advise having these applied to the inside side seam.

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How to add garment Relabelling to your order

1) Select Your Products in our Online Shop

Select the products you require in our Online Shop. Ensure you hit the minimum order of 50 units (per product).


2) Calculate the Price of Relabelling

Head over to our Relabelling Calculator to see how much extra you’ll need to pay if you decide to go ahead with relabelling. Alongside working out what relabelling option is best for you.


3) Order your Products

Whether you’d like to go ahead with relabelling or not, the first step is to order your garments from our Online Shop. Once your order is made, a designer will get in touch with you for your artwork - when you send your artwork, let them know you’d also like relabelling on your order. Let them know the option you’d like to go with having used our Relabelling Calculator.


4) Pay for your Labels!

Your dedicated designer will send you an invoice for your labelling requirements. Once the invoice has been paid, we’ll get digital mockups together for everything your require. Nothing goes to production until you are happy.


Just want labels without application or garments? No problem, use our Relabelling Calculator to work out the price, and then get in touch with us.

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