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Recycled RPET custom sportswear

Recycled custom sportswear, for your business or brand.

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100% Recycled Custom Sportswear made from Plastic Bottles. 


Over 35.8 million plastic bottles are consumed in the UK alone every day. We’re striving to find innovative ways to recycle these, helping to prevent them ending up in landfill or our oceans. 

We know that you need products that perform well, without costing the planet. It’s this mission that has lead to the creation of our 100% recycled rPET custom sportswear.


Through pioneering Qwick-Dri™ technology combined with a super-flyweight composition, we’ve been able to deliver the UK’s highest standard of recycled sportswear. Ensuring a comfortable fit that performs in the most demanding conditions. To the naked eye it looks the same as our market leading standard bespoke sportswear.


Our recycled sportswear range includes, technical t-shirts, running vests and cycling jerseys.

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Plastic Bottles RPET

It takes 5-6 plastic bottles to make one of our RPET recycled technical t-shirts or running vests. As a result of this innovation our fabric suppliers have recycled 14.2 billion plastic bottles so far, alongside avoiding 385 million kilograms of CO2.

Minimum order - 25 products (same design across each | can be a mix of sizes)

Samples - Not possible due to the bespoke nature, product images can be provided

Artwork Requirements - Vector Artwork with Pantone Matched Colours

Lead time - 6-8 weeks (they’re made bespoke to your colours/print design)

Suitable for - Charities, Events, Sports Teams, E-Sports Teams

Customisation Options - Pantone Matched All-Over Print Coverage

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Environmental Impact / Transparency - 

These are a perfect way to improve the environmental impact of your sportswear. Recycled polyester is an incredible innovation for recycling plastic bottles, and another step closer to resolving the plastic crisis. However, from an environmental perspective, it’s not 100% perfect. Microplastics are one of the unavoidable issues with ANY form of sportswear made from synthetic materials, recycled or otherwise (polyester, nylon, acrylic etc). 


In some instances sportswear is essential (if you’ve tried running an OCR with a cotton hoodie in winter you’ll fully appreciate this!), and when it is, recycled sportswear is a great option. However, if it’s not essential, we’d recommend using one of our organic cotton t-shirt options, which are made from a natural material.