Reusable Face Masks

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Reusable Face masks

High-Quality Reusable Face Masks

Not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Display your brand while keeping your team & customers safe, with comfortable custom printed face masks. Available blank or with custom printing. Prices from £0.79 + VAT per mask.

Not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE).

We’ve worked with the worlds best when it comes to workwear, from global charities to restaurants and everything in-between: 

Ethically Produced

All of our standard Face Masks come with ethical certification, ensuring fair trade.

Global Shipping

Our reusable face masks can be shipped globally via DHL.

Wide Range

We offer a wide range of colours and print options, allowing you to represent your brand while keeping safe.

Low Minimums

Minimum order quantities as low as 25+ units per design.

Want to order custom branded face masks for your team or company?

Reusable face masks aren’t going away, or at least not any time soon. Having spoken with a number of our clients in the retail and services industries, we know wearing face coverings help staff and customers feel safer as they adjust to the new normal. 

Personalised face masks for business

Don’t settle for custom branded face masks no one will want to wear

Wafer-thin uncomfortable masks, poor quality prints, or prints that are too thick to breathe through are not problems you want to be worrying about when it comes to buying custom branded masks. 

Our reusable personalised face masks are available in a range of styles and colours, with a comfortable fit and breathable fabrics, ensuring your team can work comfortably and safely. 

We also stock a range of options, including organic and Fairtrade face masks allowing your masks to reflect your company values. You can add your design or logo to all of our options, ensuring your personalised printed masks are in line with your branding and are something your staff are proud to wear.


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With demand rapidly increasing we’ve made buying reusable face masks easy. Just enter your requirements, and we’ll have a tailored quote with you in no time! This form will take less than 1 minute and will enable us to get an accurate quote to you quicker. Please note minimum orders are 25+. Images, certificates and product specifications can be provided once we know your requirements. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Personalised Printed Masks

When looking for the right mask, you’ll need to consider several factors. Your design is the first variable that dictates the best mask for you; if you require all-over print coverage a polyester option is likely best. However, if you just want your logo printed onto one part of the mask, then one of our cotton or blended masks will work great. 

We have multiple colour options, as well as masks of different thicknesses, ensuring whatever your requirements are, we can help. If you’re not sure what you need, don’t worry, our expert team will be able to help guide you to the best option for your needs, ensuring you get the right product the first time around.

All of our masks are high quality, comfortable and designed for print, ensuring whatever option you decide on you’ll be satisfied with the results.

It is worth noting, our fabric face coverings are not designed to be used as PPE. They are designed to meet the face-covering guidelines in most countries.

You can purchase our wholesale face masks blank or personalise our face masks with your branding, company logo or other design. We print using the highest quality production methods here in the UK, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about faded printing or poor quality transfers.

Custom printed face masks can be as little as a couple of pounds per mask when purchasing bulk wholesale quantities. However, it all depends on your customisation requirements how many you need. Request a quote for custom face masks for guidance and pricing on the options best suited for your needs.

You sure can! Whether it’s a picture of the office dog or your company logo, we can put it onto a mask for you. We have a wide array of print methods at our disposal, ensuring almost anything is possible.

In short, yes, we can screen print masks. Whether screen printing is the best option for your order will depend on the design and quantity. Our expert team will be able to help you in deciding the best print method for your branded custom face masks, ensuring that everything comes out to your expectations.

Whether you want company logo face masks or simply a quirky design for fashion, we can help. We use a variety of print methods to print onto wholesale reusable masks, all of which are done here in the UK. 

All you need to do is send us your design work and tell us where you want it to be placed, and we’ll get back to you with a price and the best options available. It really is that simple. 

Once you’ve decided on what option is best for you, you can pay online and we’ll get the ball rolling. 

Unlike others, we don’t expect you to be a print expert, nor do we expect you to have a wealth of knowledge about reusable face masks. We’ll guide you through the options so you can place your bulk order of reusable face masks with the confidence that you’re getting great quality products from a UK-based supplier.

If you’ve decided to go with a single placement print, rather than all-over print coverage we recommend putting your logo on one of the sides of the mask, rather than across the front where the wearer will be breathing. 

Most companies choose to have their logo on the left side of the mask. This typically allows for some brand continuity if their existing polo shirts or uniform also have the logo printed on that side too. This is often the case as this is the most popular placement. 

Of course, you can have your mask printed anywhere you like, that’s entirely up to you.

We have masks that meet various requirements with different numbers of layers and fabric compositions. Some also come with antimicrobial water repellent finishes.

We also have reusable face masks that meet the highest ethical and sustainability standards in the world. 

This variety ensures we have options for different budgets requirements. 

All of our masks are of the highest quality. We don’t stock any of the paper-thin, fabric off-cut masks that many printers offer as a budget option.

It is worth remembering that our face coverings are not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE). We make no assurances that it can prevent transmission or infection of disease or viruses. It is not a medical or clinical face mask and as such should not be used for this purpose, it should not be used under any circumstances where infection level is high and in any exposure to high-level heat sources or combustible substances. Remove and do not use mask if you are suffering breathing difficulties or skin irritation.

The short answer, anywhere, although we’d recommend not printing directly over the mouth area (unless you have an all-over printed face mask). The most common print position on masks is the left side.

The general consensus is that we’ll be using and wearing personalised face masks for business and life for a long time to come. 

A leading epidemiologist, when speaking to the BBC, advised that it will likely be several years before face coverings and social distancing is completely removed. 

Some employees may ask why they still need to wear a mask. The short answer is, that until medical professionals understand the long-term effectiveness of the vaccines, these are another means to ensure everyone is safe, especially those higher-risk members of our workplace and wider society.

That being said, while masks eventually will not be a mandatory requirement, there has been a cultural shift as a result of the pandemic, which will likely result in many feeling safer wearing masks, particularly in crowded indoor environments.

With this in mind, personalised face masks are an essential long term investment in ensuring your team and customers feel safe.

For the lowest price, we’d recommend a small logo on one of the sides of the mask. This will ensure you can bulk order branded custom masks for your team members, without breaking the bank!

According to the UK Government’s website, ‘employers must not, by law, prevent their staff from wearing a face-covering where they are required to do so. Where face coverings are required for staff, businesses are expected to provide these as part of their health and safety obligations. However, staff are welcome to use their own face coverings if they choose.’ 

With this in mind, if you are a business owner, you should be prepared to maintain a good supply of reusable masks for your staff. 

You can also use this as an opportunity to promote your business some more as you can add your logo or a design that fits within your brand, just like you would with other custom printed workwear. As long as you buy masks that look great and are comfortable, they’ll be happy to wear them every day.

The face masks are not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE).
We make no assurances that it can prevent transmission or infection of disease or viruses. It is not a medical or clinical face mask and as such should not be used for this purpose, it should not be used under any circumstances where infection level is high and in any exposure to high level heat sources or combustible substances. Remove and do not use mask if you are suffering breathing difficulties or skin irritation.