Engaging Your Team in Sustainability.

Engaging Your Team in Sustainability, Our 5 Handy Tips

Engaging Your Team in Sustainability.

We know businesses are actively becoming more sustainable, but are they getting support from their teams? Engaging your team in sustainability is a vital way to achieve success.

We’ve discussed organisations understanding and taking on their responsibility to become more sustainable, but we haven’t discussed how vital it is to have supportive teams behind them. This article will explore various ways to inspire your team to support sustainability efforts and create a culture of environmental responsibility in your workplace.

First, get your team on board!

Getting a team involved and engaged in sustainability.
Getting your team on board might be easier than you think!

Getting your team on board with sustainability goals may be easier than you think! It’s possible that some employees, especially those who are younger, already agree with the company’s sustainability goals. According to Deloitte’s 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, many young individuals prefer to work for a business that prioritises sustainability. The study found that 54% of millennials and 55% of Gen Z’s check a potential employer’s environmental track record before accepting a job offer.

Engaging your team in sustainability can positively impact the environment and increase employee engagement, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

1. Live and breathe sustainability; embed it into your corporate culture

Go Green Tablet.
Lead by example!

Integrate sustainability into your company’s corporate culture. Make it part of your mission statement, values, and goals. This will help employees understand the importance of sustainability and motivate them to take sustainable actions at work and in their personal lives.

Lead by example! Model sustainable behaviours and practices at all levels of your organisation. This can be as simple as replacing disposable cups and plates with reusable ones in your break room, cycling to work and recycling.

Building relationships with suppliers, customers, and local communities to promote sustainability throughout your business is another great way to support this further.

2. Offer sustainability training and workshops for employees

Patagonia, Unilever, and IBM have been recognised for their commitment to sustainability and have implemented various training programs to educate their employees about sustainable practices and environmental conservation.

Patagonia offers and supports The Carbon Literacy Project. This one-of-a-kind charity strives to provide individuals living, working, or studying in any part of the world with a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy. The framework of Carbon Literacy is flexible and includes:

  • Teaching about the science behind climate change.
  • Understanding carbon footprints.
  • Explaining why it is relevant to individuals, businesses and their audiences.

Organise sustainability training workshops for your employees and educate them about the importance of sustainability. You can bring in expert speakers who can share their experiences and knowledge. This will help employees understand the impact of their actions on the environment and may motivate them to make changes at home, too.

3. Share and celebrate progress for your employees to see

Green Email Symbol.
Don’t be afraid to share your progress, big or small.

Many companies today are taking proactive steps to share their sustainability progress. Unilever has been sharing its progress on its Sustainable Living Plan through an online platform that regularly updates its sustainability performance.

Nestle has also been sharing its progress through its annual Creating Shared Value report, which provides detailed information on the company’s progress towards its sustainability goals, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving water efficiency.

Share and celebrate your own progress regularly with employees. This can be done through newsletters, company-wide emails, posters etc. Share information on how the company reduces its carbon footprint, uses sustainable materials, and takes other actions. This will keep employees informed and motivated to get involved.

4. Encourage involvement and reward the team for sustainable actions

Fairtrade Ice Cream Ben & Jerry's.
Image credit: Ben & Jerry’s Facebook.

Recognise and reward employees who take sustainable actions. This can be achieved via a reward/ incentive program where employees can earn points for taking actions such as carpooling, using reusable water bottles, or using public transport. These points can be then be redeemed for gift cards or time off.

Encourage employees to get involved in sustainability initiatives. This can be done by setting up a sustainability committee where employees can share ideas and collaborate on sustainability projects. Employees can also be encouraged to take part in sustainability-focused events and competitions.

A great example is Ben & Jerry’s, an ice cream company committed to sustainability. They encourage their employees to get involved in their efforts by offering paid time off for volunteer work, providing education and training programs, and allowing employees to participate in sustainability-focused committees.

5. Provide sustainable uniforms and recycle old ones

Creator Support Sweatshirt.
Source uniforms made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, or bamboo.

A great way businesses can engage their team in sustainability is by implementing sustainable uniform policies. This can be achieved by sourcing uniforms made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, or bamboo.

Businesses can partner with uniform providers specialising in eco-friendly materials and have a proven sustainability track record. This way, they can ensure their team is wearing sustainable uniforms while supporting a green supply chain.

To reduce waste, businesses can implement a uniform recycling program where old uniforms are collected and repurposed into new garments or materials. This can be done in-house or through a third-party provider.

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Engage your team in sustainability practices to increase employee satisfaction and retention and contribute to a better future for all. Remember to communicate, set achievable goals, and recognise and reward sustainability efforts to motivate and engage your team. We hope you have found this article helpful!