Company Merchandise.

Using Company Merchandise to Promote Company Culture

Company Merchandise.

Let’s explore the advantages of utilising company merchandise to promote your company’s culture.

An effective way to give your company culture a positive boost is to create and give out branded company merchandise. This is a simple, creative way to showcase your brand and encourage unity and pride among your workers, particularly those who work remotely.

What is company culture?     

Defining company culture can be a challenge for many managers! A strong company culture means shared values, attitudes, behaviours, and standards that shape the work environment. This experience should align with the company’s external brand and messaging. A positive company culture leads to engaged, committed, and excited employees, from new employees to the leadership team.

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How can I measure company culture?

Okay, measuring company culture is a lot easier than it sounds! A quick way is simply through observing the team. Take some time with them and note how employees interact with each other and their environment. Look if they are engaged in their work. Do they seem happy and motivated?

Anonymous employee surveys are a more in-depth way to get an idea of your company culture; they take a little more time but also work for remote workers. Create surveys that ask questions about your company’s mission and values, communication, relationships with co-workers, leadership, and opportunities for growth and development.

The results may surprise you! But they will help you identify areas where the company excels and where improvements need to be made.

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5 factors that can affect company culture

Several factors can have an impact on a company’s culture. We have listed five of the most important ones for you to consider:

1. Leadership style

One thing that directly affects your company culture is the management structure and leadership style. Consider how your company makes decisions and how policies are enforced if your leaders set a positive tone and prioritise open communication, collaboration, and transparency. Employees will then reflect on these attributes day to day.

2. Company values

We feel more engaged, motivated, and excited to work when our values and beliefs align with the company’s. Consider your company’s values and mission. Are your employees aware of them? Think about how your employees can identify with them.

3. Physical environment

Work areas and spaces significantly impact company culture. This can include the office layout, decor, and amenities. Workspaces influence your concentration levels and overall mental health. Think tidy space, tidy mind! Remote working has challenges, with employees potentially feeling disconnected from colleagues and the company.

4. Diversity and inclusion

A diverse workplace can promote a positive culture and help employees feel valued. Employees thrive in a workplace where they feel seen and included.

5. Development and career growth

Providing support and resources for employees to grow and develop will also contribute to a positive company culture.

A positive and supportive company culture can help attract and retain talented individuals, drive innovation and productivity, and build a strong brand reputation.

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5 ways company merchandise can promote company culture

Company swag can make a massive difference in creating a positive work culture.

1. It can make employees feel appreciated

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Investing in company merch is a simple gesture to make your employees feel appreciated and valued. When picking items, it is essential to prioritise quality; putting your company logo on a cheap, low-quality product can send the wrong message, and you could make it seem like you don’t care. So, take the time to choose high-quality company merch that people will be excited to receive. Remember, choosing something employees are happy to wear or use outside the working environment is a win-win!

2. It can promote your company values

You can promote your company’s values by featuring key messages or slogans that align with the company’s beliefs on your company merch. If your company values sustainability, you could create merch featuring messages about reducing waste and protecting the environment. Using high-quality, eco-friendly materials to create company merch can also send a statement about the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Another way that company merch can promote a company’s values is by featuring designs or graphics that represent the company’s mission or vision. This can reinforce the company’s message and create a sense of unity among employees. You can also have lots of fun doing this!

3. It can make new employees feel welcome

A great way to use company merchandise is to create a welcome pack or kit full of company swag for employees on their first day. Creating a welcoming experience can help alleviate any uncertainty of belonging. This small gesture can go a long way in making new hires feel at home.

4. It creates a feeling of inclusivity

Companies are making remote employees feel included by providing them with company merchandise. This could include branded water bottles, coffee mugs, or even t-shirts. Giving them something they can use daily that represents the company makes them feel more connected to the brand and their co-workers. It’s essential to ensure that all employees have access to these items, regardless of location, so everyone feels equally included.

5. It can enhance your brand and promote your services

Company merchandise done well can help to increase brand awareness and recognition. It can serve as a form of advertising, as people who see the items being used or worn may become interested in your brand and seek more information about your products or services.

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What kind of company merchandise is effective at promoting company culture?

When it comes to company merchandise, you want to choose items people will use and appreciate rather than throw them in the bin or leave them to collect dust. One practical option is branded clothing, such as t-shirts or hats. We love a hoodie for colder days in the office. Choosing items that can be worn outside of work increases visibility for your company. 

Another option is reusable water bottles or tote bags, which are environmentally friendly and practical for everyday use. Tech accessories like laptop cases or chargers are also popular and useful.

Ultimately, the key is to choose merchandise that aligns with your brand and provides value to the recipient.

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