Engaging Your Team in Sustainability, Our 5 Handy Tips

Engaging Your Team in Sustainability.

We know businesses are actively becoming more sustainable, but are they getting support from their teams? Engaging your team in sustainability is a vital way to achieve success. We’ve discussed organisations understanding and taking on their responsibility to become more sustainable, but we haven’t discussed how vital it is to have supportive teams behind them. […]

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Eco Tourism: What is The Museum Industry Doing to be More Sustainable?

Family in a museum.

Sustainability is a hot topic across all industries! The museum industry is no exception, but what exactly is the museum industry doing to become more sustainable? More sustainable practices across all industries, including art and culture, are needed. Museums are vital; they preserve cultural heritage, provide jobs, and offer a world of education. A lot […]

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The importance of ethical clothing: a quality product and a clear conscience

Ethical clothing means different things to different people. Some people prioritise organic cotton, others are more concerned about the working conditions for those making the clothing, whilst others want to to protect the people growing the cotton. These three don’t have to be mutually exclusive, many people will be concerned about all of these factors. […]

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Why is sustainable clothing important?

At A.M. Custom Clothing we often talk about sustainable clothing, whether it be Organic Clothing, Climate Neutral Clothing, Fairtrade Clothing, or other forms of Ethical Clothing. Each of these cover a different aspect of “sustainability”, and knowing the difference between the aspects can help you decide which of our sustainable clothing ranges meets your needs, […]

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What is Fairtrade Fortnight? A beginner’s guide

With Fairtrade Fortnight fast approaching we felt we should answer the burning question, what exactly is Fairtrade Fortnight and what does it entail? Fairtrade Fortnight happens once every year, where 2 weeks are set aside to raise awareness for Fairtrade products and producers. The annual campaign is organized and promoted by the Fairtrade Foundation, making […]

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