Stanley/Stella discontinued styles and replacements (May 2024)

Stanley Stella replacements

This blog post serves as a guide for those who previously purchased Stanley/Stella products and are looking for replacements and alternatives following the launch of their 2.0 collection. Completely discontinued styles (no direct replacements – alternatives available) Below you will find the styles that have been completely discontinued by Stanley Stella alongside the alternative products […]

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Bamboo vs Organic Cotton: Are Bamboo T-shirts Sustainable?

Bamboo trees used to create bamboo tshirts

Bamboo is something of a relative newcomer to the world of fabrics. It’s only recently – in the last twenty years or so – that the notion of creating clothing from bamboo has taken off, with eco-conscious consumers from across the Western world seeking it out for its green credentials.  If you’ve never tried on […]

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Why is sustainable clothing important?

At A.M. Custom Clothing we often talk about sustainable clothing, whether it be Organic Clothing, Climate Neutral Clothing, Fairtrade Clothing, or other forms of Ethical Clothing. Each of these cover a different aspect of “sustainability”, and knowing the difference between the aspects can help you decide which of our sustainable clothing ranges meets your needs, […]

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