Why is sustainable clothing important?


At A.M. Custom Clothing we often talk about sustainable clothing, whether it be Organic Clothing, Climate Neutral Clothing, Fairtrade Clothing, or other forms of Ethical Clothing. Each of these cover a different aspect of “sustainability”, and knowing the difference between the aspects can help you decide which of our sustainable clothing ranges meets your needs, and aligns with your values.

In this post, we’re going to explain the types of sustainability, why they’re important and then what products are most suitable for you.

So what types of sustainability are there?

Sustainability has become a bit of a wishy-washy term, used by anyone and everyone who wants to sound modern and knowledgeable. Except actually it can be really simple. Using an idea that is use a lot in business now, called: ”The Triple Bottom Line”. The triple bottom line covers 3 areas:

  • People
  • Planet (the environment)
  • Profit (we’ll just call it money)

How does sustainable clothing help these areas?

A.M. Custom Clothing has a number of ranges that each help to protect different areas of sustainability, you can read more here. However, here is a simple guide to work from

  • People: Fairtrade Foundation, Fair Wear Foundation and SA8000 accreditations all protect the rights of workers involved in the production of the sustainable clothing. These accreditations can be found across all of our ranges
  • Planet: Organic clothing, Climate Neutral Clothing and our Fairtrade clothing ranges each offer protection for the environment. All are made from organic cotton, which uses no harmful chemicals, with some also made in factories powered by renewable energy.
  • Profit: For the other two areas to be covered, surplus cash needs to be made, in order for the businesses involved to continue. If you’re operating on a budget, even our A.M. Basics range of clothing are Fairwear Foundation accredited.

What impact can this have?

Better working conditions for those involved in the supply chain, less environmental damage done, protecting ourselves, animals, our food chain, water table, and our children and grandchildren. These are all things that will be impacted by sustainable practices, including purchasing sustainable clothing.
Sustainable clothing is also generally of a better quality, because of the greater attention paid to it in the manufacturing process, meaning products fit better and will last longer. Meaning overall, when you buy sustainable clothing from A.M. Custom Clothing, or anywhere else for that matter, you will be making an investment into all three areas of the Triple Bottom Line.

Would you like to find out more?

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