Should You Opt For Print or Embroidery Garments?

Printed volunteer t-shirts for marathon

Whether it’s for workwear, uniforms, merchandise or fashion, it’s a question many ask, ‘which is better? Print or embroidery?’. In short it depends on a few factors, however, what is worth noting from the start is the fact both are highly durable (when done right), and both should look great.

In the article below we’ll go into greater detail on a few factors that can help you decide which is best for you.

Printed Clothing

Manual screen printing

We offer a huge range of print methods under our roof, ensuring we’re able to deliver the best results no matter what your requirements are. We keep things simple, ensuring our expert team allocate the most suitable method for your order (unless you specify otherwise).

This means we make it easy to buy printed clothing as you don’t need to worry about whether screen printing DTG printing is more suitable for your design and quantity! 

Here are a few situations where printing is the best option for clothing, bags and other garments:

  1. If you’re looking for large coverage with your design work print is the best option. Any design larger than A5 (paper size) we’d generally advise printing.
  2. Print provides great value on both large and small orders, however, it’s far more economical than embroidery on small volumes.
  3. If your design is very complex (like a photograph), print is the way forward, as it’ll allow you to re-create the intricate elements with far greater accuracy. 
  4. If you have a short lead time, printing is likely the best option and it has faster turnarounds

Embroidered Clothing

Commercial embroidery machines

When it comes to embroidery, quality can really vary, the quality is dependent on several factors, the primary ones are the digitisation of your artwork, the embroidery machinery, and the type of threads used. 

We take no shortcuts and use some of the most advanced machinery in Europe, the gold standard of threads, and unrivaled digitisation expertise. In turn, we’re able to ensure the professional, high value results you’re looking for.

Here are a few situations where embroidery is the best option:

  1. If ordering in bulk (25+ products per design) embroidered garments can be very economical.
  2. If it’s a small left breast design or similar embroidery can provide a really professional finish, especially on polo shirts and other smart garments.
  3. It works really well on fleeces, knitwear and other workwear and uniform products that are less suitable for print.
  4. It’s highly durable, so it’s perfect for those working outside against the elements.

So should I choose embroidery or printing?

Thanks to our skilled team and quality equipment, whichever you choose your logo will look awesome! It really depends on your preference, as both options are normally possible and both have their merits. 

Both printed and embroidered clothing will stand the test of time, ensuring you have workwear and personalised clothing that will last.

Every custom order (no matter what size) comes with professionally designed digital mockups, ensuring nothing is left to chance, you’ll get the opportunity to approve these before anything goes to production. It’s just another way we make sure our customers get the results they want.

Thinking of making an order? Let us know how many garments you need and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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