custom printed t-shirt designs

Guest Post: 10 Tips for creating T-shirt designs like a pro

custom printed t-shirt designs

T-shirts are universal clothes – people of all ages, right from a six-month-old baby to an 80-year-old person wear T-shirts. So, whether you are a designer brainstorming with crazy ideas, the CEO of a company who wants to create a brand, or just a person who wants to make some event memorable, T-shirt designs are a great idea to achieve your intentions. If you are looking for some ideas to create some mind-blowing T-shirt designs, you are in the right place. Let’s look into 10 Tips to Create T-shirt designs like a Pro.


#1 Decide Your Motives

The first step is to make sure to understand what you want to accomplish through the T-shirt designs. Is it that you are designing professionally to sell, or is it for a closed group (for example an event team, or the employees of an organisation), or if it is for a family event?


#2 Decide your target group

The next thing to look into is who actually is going to wear T-shirts designed by you. Small kids can wear T-shirts with crazy captions, adults prefer not to wear tees with the cartoon of Tom and Jerry on them – each target group has its own preferences. So, it is important you research to find out what are the preferences of your target group.


#3 Think about design on a T-shirt

Now, it’s time you get into the real stuff. Start considering what designs you plan to print on the T-shirt. If you want to design a T-shirt for an organisation, consider having a formal design with the logo evident on it. If it is for a family event, then make sure the date and venue of the event are mentioned on it and also include some emotional quote relevant to the event. If you are looking to take up t-shirt designing professionally, consider conducting a detailed research on the trends and come up with a unique design.


#4 Getting Started with the design

Consider what concept you intend to put into the design or what you intend to convey through your design. It can also be an abstract design which has a deeper meaning or a crisp meaningful quote. If it is a non-verbal design, think of some abstract eye-catching design. Also, consider the colour of the T-shirt and make sure it matches with the colour combinations you intend to use in the design. For example, the design of a dragon gives more effect when printed on red or orange T-shirts and if it is for the employees of a shop, consider colours with bright and light hues.


#5 Cost – Colour balance

Remember to consider what your budget is and what price range you plan to sell your tees for. Design accordingly because more the colours you use more, in most cases the cost of printing will be higher. Larger designs are also more likely to cost more. If you are looking to get the job done within a budget, then consider smaller, simpler designs, with lesser colours.


#6 Keep your design simple and comprehensible

Always keep your design simple, easily understandable and effective. People will glance at them as they walk past in the street, or when out shopping. Your design must be in such a way that they quickly perceive its meaning.


#7 Keep your humour subtle

Nobody wants their designer t-shirts to look like a low-cost cheap joke t-shirt. So, choose some metaphoric humour which is decent and effective, making sure nothing explicit is included that could make people uncomfortable wearing the t-shirt.


#8 Research and get educated

When designing the T-shirt, it is important to know about the culture of the target group. If you plan to design about music, then you are to know some details about music, which will help you with a broader perception and you can think of coming up with abstract designs. It is also advisable to conduct research about the country you plan to create a design on. For example, if it is a design about Pattaya, you must at least know that its beaches are the speciality of the place. This makes you include beach or plantain trees in your design. Hope this gives you some idea.


#9 Look for a competent printer

The person who prints your designs on your garments should be skilled in the art of T-shirt printing. Look for reputed firms that offer competent T-shirt printing at affordable rates. Take time to consider the T-shirt shapes and types and also the quality of the material. Make sure your design fits into all the shape and the sizes.


#10 Stay Ahead of Trends

It’s a good idea to stay updated with the latest design trends, but make sure you don’t copy them. This is a fast-moving world, so chances are other designers are into the same design you are considering. Try to avoid this clash.

These were the tips to design T-shirts like a pro. Just remember one thing, be creative and always think out of the box. Nothing should impede your creativity from creating a viral and hot T-shirt design, not even the trends. Happy designing!


Guest Author BIO:

Jessica is a marketing enthusiast and an influencer in Fashion & FnB verticals. She keeps special interest in the impact of visual branding on business growth. She has been writing for Stuartsignstore,  having a specialisation on T-shirt printing, for a long time now.

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