University graduation

Printed Hoodies For University Societies and Graduations

University graduation

With expectations and awareness increasing around social and environmental issues, it’s becoming a requirement for many to consider the impact of the clothing they buy.

This is especially prevalent in universities, with many young people really caring about the supply chains around products they buy.


So whether you’re a university procurement manager, a university society or even a team, now is a great time to start thinking about the impact of your purchases. A really genuine and important way universities and societies can have a real impact is through their custom branded clothing & leavers hoodies.


The clothing industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil*. So swapping your hoodies, t-shirts and promotional garments can make a real difference in protecting the environment.


While often fashion brands are in the spotlight for their impact, a huge proportion of the clothing market is made up by custom garments, like university branded clothing. So universities and students really can make a difference - using their purchasing power to vote for the type of manufacturing standards they want to see in the world.


We’re the supplier of choice for many leading Universities in the UK and overseas. Whether it’s for societies, SU shops, team wear or even graduation leavers hoodies, we’ve got it covered.

For best value we recommend going for something simple like a one colour screen printed logo & the leaving year on the chest. We offer both wholesale printing and custom embroidery, all at the best prices; with lots of options to help get prices cheaper in order to meet budgets of all sizes.


We offer a huge range of Fairtrade, Organic and ethically certified garments (in fact we offer the largest range available in the UK), many of which are manufactured in factories powered by renewables. This combined with great customer service, fast lead times, and great value for money, we’re the best choice for printed hoodies for universities and university societies.


Whether you’re a student or a member of staff, university hoodies are a must have. Allowing you to show off your University, alongside keeping you warm during those cool summer evenings. These are also provide a great way to support inclusivity, team spirit, and also raise some cash for your society or university!


If you’d like us to produce hoodies or other products for your university, society, or team, get in touch below.

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