volunteer staff in custom printed t-shirts

Organic Work Uniforms For Small & Large Businesses

volunteer staff in custom printed t-shirts

With consumer expectations and awareness increasing around social and environmental issues, it’s becoming a requirement for businesses large and small to consider their impact.

A really genuine and important way businesses can have a real impact is through their custom branded clothing.


The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil*. So swapping your businesses uniform, workwear and promotional garments can make a real difference in protecting the environment.

To give you an idea of the impact you can have simply by swapping over to organic cotton, here are a few statistics:

  • Organic cotton can reduce the global warming impact of cotton production by 46% compared to non-organic cotton.
  • Organic cotton reduces consumption of scarce fresh water by over 90%
  • Organic cotton reduces consumption of energy by over 60%.


The great thing about custom branded clothing is that every employee or volunteer is a walking billboard when wearing your uniform. So what better way to promote your values, than through the clothing being worn by your staff. Whether you purchase organic, Fairtrade or ethical garments, there’s lots of opportunities for you to promote this positive choice on your garments.

What’s more, organic, and ethical choices are not as expensive as you might imagine, in fact some of our ethically certified products are the exact same price as non-ethical alternatives. You’ll also find organic cotton garments are more durable, softer and deliver better print results, making them great value for money.

So whether you require embroidered uniforms, custom branded workwear, or even screen printed promotional t-shirts we can help; with many options available to meet your needs.


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