Eco T-shirts, Band Merchandise, Music Merchandise

Music Merchandise for Festivals of the Future

Eco T-shirts, Band Merchandise, Music Merchandise

The festival landscape is changing, and how we perceive the clothes we wear is changing with it.


Since the 60’s progressive movements encouraged by festivals like woodstock, have helped place emphasis on the need for social change. In 2017 the challenges have changed, but the need for forums of expression to bring these values into the conversation is the same as ever.


From Lollapalooza’s ‘Rock and Recycle’ scheme – encouraging festival goer’s to gather recyclable items in exchange for a lollapalooza t-shirt – to Coachella’s wind powered clock tower and solar powered DJ booth’s, festival’s are now embracing the eco-friendly attitude like never before. Businesses big and small have followed suit and are starting to reform and see how important it is to make great products sustainable.


The music industry and socially conscious artists all over the world are using their platform to get the message out. Eco t-shirt printing is at the forefront of sustainability as our awareness of our environment becomes more pronounced. As such we want to make sure the music merchandise we provide for the roster of artists we work with is priced fairly and has the lowest possible environmental impact.


Musicians and festivals goers alike are embracing the need for a better standard, and here at A.M. we want to help turn these ideas into reality wherever we can. Our commitment to Eco t-shirt printing has seen artists put the power of change into the hands of fans, and reflect these shared values in a big way. We all have the power to change, and music, like many art forms, has the power to show us the way.


To learn more about how you can make your music merchandise Eco friendly, click the link below.

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