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Guest Post: Professional print finishing – Does it really make a difference?

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Note: The following is a guest post by Jim Morris of Classic Colour Copying


I first started delivering printing services in 1988 in the city of Melbourne. Over the years, I’ve seen many competitors come and go. There are some that’re in it for the quick buck, but there are those who succeed over the long-term because they are committed to providing a high-quality product or service. It happens in any industry and it’s the difference between providing something that’s mediocre or something that’s exceptional.


At Classic Colour Copying, we mainly print paper, cardboard or canvas items. But a lot of what we do can also be applied when it comes to printing on fabrics as well. One thing I will say is that investing in professional print finishing makes a drastic difference not only to the quality of your print, but also the benefit of what you would like to get from your print. In our case, a business might print a report that will wow the client and retain them for a longer business engagement.


In the case of t-shirt prints, the statement or design of the print might inspire another culture such as “OBEY clothing” amongst millennials.


I want to share a few of the approaches that we take with our approach to printing and allow you to take away any transferable approaches that can help you improve the standard of your printing finishes on your products or fabrics.


We invest in the latest printing technology.

You get out what you put in. You can invest in cheaper printing equipment or suppliers, but more often than not, shortcuts are taken either with the quality of the inks that are used, the matte finishing process, the ink drying process or even the quality of the paper (or in the case at A.M. Custom Clothing’s customer's, fabric) that’s being used.


We’re often following other printing blogs and journals to keep up with the best priting trends, so we can continue to adapt and improve our print finishing technique.


We commit to processes that will yield a high quality finish.

It’s not just the equipment that you invest in, but the process as well. Are the people that are involved in the finishing of your prints trained so that the quality of the prints will meet the recipient’s expectations every time? And if not, is there a way to improve the process so that the quality of the printing finish is improved. You can see what we mean by clicking here to see images that demonstrate the quality of our printing work, at Classic Colour Copying.

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There’s the saying “pay peanuts and get monkeys”. Professional printing isn’t the cheapest option, but it does guarantee delivering the impression that you want with a customer. It is the icing on the cake. And if it isn’t done well, all of your hard work can be undone.


Take a look at your print finishing process to see if there’s any room for improvement.


Guest Author BIO:

Jim Morris is the founder of Classic Colour Copying, a boutique printing shop based in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. When he isn’t busy printing, you can find him enjoying life in the markets or the local beaches. You can connect with him on his website.

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