First Fairtrade Friday

So it started with Screen Print Saturdays, which made for great alliteration and helped us share some of the great work we were finding within the week. So with the onset of Fairtrade Fortnight we thought we could extend this, creating Fairtrade Friday. Fairtrade is something we are very passionate about and so we should be as one of the leading suppliers of Fairtrade clothing. But it’s not just about clothing, there are lots of Fairtrade companies doing fantastic things and we are lucky enough to work with a number of these. So we wanted to start sharing the great companies we’re coming across.
So each Friday, we’ll be blogging about a Fairtrade company we love, and not just because they are Fairtrade, but because they also produce some fantastic products.

We’re going to kick start it with ‘Liberation’. Liberation stands as the UK’s only farmer owned, Fairtrade nut company. The farmers own a big share of the company, meaning not only do they get fair pay and conditions, but they also benefit from the companies growth and have an active say in how things are run. The company was set up back in 2007, and has gone from strength to strength, they even released a range of nuts called ‘Harry’s Nuts’ following huge support from comedian Harry Hill, who now stands as an ambassador for the brand.

We love Liberation, they’ve provided us with great healthy snacks to keep us going throughout the day in the office. So if you’re looking for a tasty, but healthy snack today, we highly recommend Liberation Nuts. What’s more, you can feel happy in the knowledge they’re Fairtrade throughout, with each product made with 100% Fairtrade ingredients!