Official Neutral® Partners

a.m.custom clothing

We are proud to announce we are now Official Neutral® Partners.
We were the first company in the UK to resell Neutral® products, collaborating with the company towards the end of 2013. Culminating in a strong partnership that will allow both A.M. Custom Clothing and Neutral® to make a lasting impact on the landscape of the UK clothing market.
This partnership further enables us to offer the best prices in the UK across this product line.

As leaders in the environmentally friendly and ethical clothing industry, we’re very excited to be bringing the UK the most advanced range of Fairtrade clothing available. The product line goes above and beyond Fairtrade, with certification covering every point of the supply chain, as well as all of the products being manufactured within wind powered factories. This is not only the most advanced range, but the most extensive available on the UK market.

We’re privileged to be in the position we are now, as a leading supplier of Fairtrade clothing.

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