Fairtrade Fortnight Activity Ideas

Fairtrad-Blog-BannerWe know it’s always a struggle to be creative and come up with lots of ideas, especially with deadlines on the horizon, and mountains of work. So we have decided to take the hard part of ‘coming up with ideas’ and ‘being creative’ this Fairtrade fortnight, with a list of a number of activities you could try in your Fairtrade town, school or university.

Fairtrade food and wine tasting evening
There’s nothing like food and drink to get locals out of the house and to your event, so why not tailor it to the fortnight and host a Fairtrade food and drink taster night. It’s a great encourager to get others to buy more Fairtrade food and drink.

Fashion Show
This one is great for schools and universities, and gives young people a chance to get involved and learn about the impact Fairtrade has on the cotton industry. There are a number of Fairtrade fashion brands out there, many of which will more than likely be happy to help out in one way or another, or even sell their products at the show following the catwalk.

Everyone loves a competition, whether it’s a raffle or a quizz, it’s a great way to encourage participation and with Fairtrade goodies up for grabs who wouldn’t want to get involved.

Fairtrade Poster
Following on from the last idea, why not get local schools involved in a Fairtrade poster competition, designing a poster for awareness of Fairtrade in the city. Again Fairtrade products are a great way to reward this, or even offering to have the poster up in a local gallery or public venue.

Fairtrade/Green Networking
Get green businesses involved with green and Fairtrade networking events, a great way for like minded business people to meet up, providing the opportunity to chat, and even strike a deal while there.

Fun Run
A great way to raise public awareness is through a fun run (road closures always open eyes!).

Quiz Nights
What better way to educate the public on Fairtrade topics, than with a quiz night, it’s fun and informal, the best way to learn!

For lots more ideas, as well as great resource packs and other goodies head over to the Fairtrade website – https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/

If you are in need of Fairtrade clothing for the fortnight get in touch with us.