Our First Screen Print Saturday

So as you may have guessed we love the clothing, we work with it all day, and then dream about it by night. With such an obsession with it we decided maybe we should start blogging about the products of which we’ve stumbled across when we’re ‘supposed’ to be working.
So on that thought, Screen Print Saturday was born. Every Saturday we’ll be sharing with you a stunning screen print we have stumbled across during the week. We decided on Screen Print Saturday, not just due to great alliteration, but also due to the fact screen printing is our most popular service (although not our only one!).

So to kick start Screen Print Saturday we have chosen a fantastic print from ‘Chuck U’, a fantastic artist from Minneapolis, with a print called ‘Uncle Reginald’. We loved this print, it’s been beautifully illustrated, and is ridiculously quirky, which is always a great start in our books.

His quirky, but impressive illustration work focuses on animals and robots, with a little bit in between the two. We love it.

You can buy Chuck’s t-shirt here.