Custom Graphic Design Service


Gaining brand awareness and traction with campaigns is vital in todays competitive market, and also pretty tricky, which is why we’re here to help out.  As nothing goes down better than some well designed clothing, either to be worn by your team, used in a competition, or simply given away free.  This acts as fantastic marketing, as not only do you have many people, all happy with your products, you’ve also created a number of walking billboards.  Make that product look cool enough, and you have a number of walking billboards on a long term basis, who will wear that garment time and time again, making for a highly cost effective marketing strategy.

A.M. Custom Clothing is confident in providing a service like no other, with a team of qualified designers holding a wealth of industry experience, ensuring well designed custom clothing for whatever your campaign.  What’s more, we know not just how to design, but how to design specifically for garments, ensuring your products work out as well in reality, as they do on screen.  We can do all the research, as well as design a product that not only works visually, but also conveys your message, making it the ideal walking billboard.

In using our products you can ensure the greatest quality, with fabric blends many struggle to match.  Alongside additional PR and marketing benefits that come with the use of eco/ethically accredited products.

We’ve already been lucky enough  to work with a number of clients, big and small helping to push their campaigns and brand awareness with custom designed clothing.

If you would like our team to help you with your next campaign or promotional wear, then please get in touch.