The Workplace Challenge 2013



So this month we’ve made a few more positive changes in the office, ensuring all of the team at A.M. Custom Clothing are getting into work using Smarter Travel choices, as much as possible, an initiative sparked by iTravelSmart and their Workplace Travel Challenge.

Not only is this great for the environment and fantastic for your health, but you also get some nice little rewards out of it, with freebies and vouchers for making the transition this month!
It’s free to do, and all you have to do is clock your miles on the website each day.  As well as it coming with all these benefits it’s also pretty interesting to see how much CO2 and money we’re saving! It’s a great idea all round in our books, and we’re aiming to keep with our smarter choices this month and beyond.

As environmental advocates ourselves, we can’t recommend giving it a go enough!

Join us this month at –