Organic September


So we’re now in September, and seemingly getting that late indian summer we were all hoping for, what’s more it’s ‘Organic September’, known as the UK’s biggest celebration of all things organic!
The celebration is based mainly around food, and food chains, but we don’t feel it should stop there, we can go organic in a number of things, from our skin care to our clothes, after all its lots of little changes that make the big impact, rather than just one big change.

Going organic has numerous benefits across the board, it ensures farmers are not exposed to dangerous pesticides; it protects our environment and wildlife from chemical cocktails, means less hazardous chemicals in your products and furthermore normally entails a better quality end product.
With so many obvious benefits, it’s hard to deny organic is the way forward, so this month try and make a small difference personally or within your company, and try organic.  We think you’ll stick with it!

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