Forward Thinking Businesses

Sustainability is vital for forward thinking businesses with Carbon Trust’s survey (2011) supporting this.  The Carbon Trust surveyed the opinions of decision makers within top UK businesses, with results showing, ”92% believe Green growth represents an opportunity for their business”.  Alongside this “45% of consumers said they would avoid brands that did not take steps to reduce their carbon footprint”.

Alongside protecting the environment, going green can also have a number of other positive effects, as highlighted in the video below.

We’re here to help you get your business a little bit greener (and more ethical while we’re at it), as its not one big change that counts its lots of little changes, like swapping over your workwear to clothing that is environmentally and ethically accredited.  This provides you with a tangible, and practical way to reduce your companies emissions, as our products are manufactured using renewable energy, meaning 90% less carbon, compared to standard clothing manufacturers.  All of our key lines are fully accredited, providing you with reputable certification you can use to show your company are making the effort to become greener.  The best part for you is, that this is a simple yet effective means of reducing your CO2, without having to buy anything you wouldn’t buy already.  This can then further be used for marketing, providing very positive PR, for your brand, again at no additional cost, as well as encouraging your staff to be greener.

Your workwear is your first impression for customers, the question is whether or not yours is providing the right impression.