Eco Tourism: How to make your campsite or caravan park more sustainable

Eco friendly campsite

All kinds of campers are embracing sustainability; here’s how to make your campsite or caravan park more sustainable.

We love to pack up for a weekend and soak in Mother Nature’s goodness! It’s even sweeter when the campsite or caravan park we have chosen makes every effort to be eco-friendly. We have the camping bug and try to travel and visit new places as much as possible. Therefore, we make it our priority to make more sustainable choices. We have noticed many campsites and caravan parks promoting their “eco-friendliness” as a reason to choose them. Here’s how to make your campsite or caravan park more sustainable.

5 ways to make your campsite or caravan park more sustainable

Reduce water use

We have noticed campsites and caravan parks becoming more mindful of water use, which is excellent. Many sites install water pressure reducers, automatic taps, and showers to control and decrease water usage.

We have visited a few campsites with a 5-minute time limit on showers to stop waste. Although this might put some people off, it’s a great way to make people more mindful of how much water they use daily. We have also seen a few campsites and caravan parks offer the option of a bucket shower. Now, if a 5-minute shower can make you more mindful of water consumption, the bucket shower will honestly shock you! 

Many eco campsites have a regulated water supply and have their own water treatment facilities to recycle water, making it less wasteful. This means your dishwater, washing, and drinking water will all be filtered. For example, Ling’s Meadow in Norfolk has access to mains water but must dispose of it responsibly to avoid harming the environment. They have a ‘Grow’ system that recycles grey water using gravel and marginal plants as filters. Once treated, the water is safe to soak into the surrounding hedges or water plants in the farm garden.

You can become a more sustainable camper by developing a deeper appreciation for water and being considerate of how much you waste. Add a plastic-free shampoo bar and biodegradable soap, and you’re all set!

Offer back to basics accommodation

Many campsites and caravan parks offer accommodations often crafted using natural materials. Many sites prioritise using recycled or recyclable materials. Plus, they can make the most of traditional designs like yurts, teepees, and domes to create an atmosphere of natural villages that seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape.

Eco-friendly camping feels like a nod to the past, where housing was non-invasive, functional, and worked with the environment instead of against it. They prove you can offer a comfortable stay without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

Install composting toilets 

When you go to an eco-friendly campsite, you may come across dry, composting toilets. Some campsites only offer this option. Don’t be put off! They save water and reduce the use of harsh chemicals, allowing human waste to return to nature and nourish trees and plants. Many of the designs allow good ventilation, making them smell-free, too.

There is no need to worry if you haven’t used a composting toilet before. These toilets are usually made from sustainable materials, kept clean, and require you to cover your waste with sawdust instead of flushing it with water. It may surprise you that these eco-toilets are very hygienic and have a minimal environmental impact.

Use renewable energy sources

By switching to renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, campsites and caravan parks are significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Consider installing solar panels or wind turbines to generate electricity or use biomass or biofuels to heat water and cook food. By switching to renewable energy, you can attract more environmentally aware customers and improve your sustainability.

Offer educational workshops or activities 

Educating campers about sustainable living and environmental conservation is a great way to use your space. You could offer educational programs and activities for adults and children. Consider hosting workshops on topics such as composting, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture, and encourage campers to take part in eco-friendly activities such as foraging, nature walks and birdwatching. 

One of the great things about sustainable camping is how easy and enjoyable it is to teach kids about the environment. As kids observe nature and its significance in our lives, they’ll naturally develop an appreciation for wildlife and a desire to reduce their environmental impact, setting a great example for future generations of eco-conscious campers.

The Greener Camping Club

Check out the Greener Camping Club if you’re interested in a more sustainable camping experience. The club began with four friends who were experienced campsite owners in 2015. They combined their passion for sustainable camping holidays. The club now has over 160 campsites, which are carefully chosen through a rigorous application process. All the campsites provide a high-quality and environment-friendly camping experience in beautiful settings throughout Wales and England.

Learn more here. 

Eco Tourism isn’t just a trend; it’s a responsibility we all share to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. If you’re a campsite or caravan park owner, we hope you have found these tips helpful! Every small step counts towards a more sustainable future for all. In the comments, let us know if you have ever stayed at an eco-friendly campsite or caravan park and what you thought.

Our Experience at an Eco-Escape Campsite, Milford Haven

We stayed at this eco-friendly campsite in the valley of a working farm in Milford Haven. We stayed off grid for a week with a four-year-old, and we loved every minute.

The campsite is conveniently located within 100m of Ancient Oak Woodland trails, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and an inlet of the Tidal Estuary, making it perfect for a camping holiday. They offer meadow and woodland camping pitches and campervan field pitches. They use solar power; on-site, there is even a wood-fired hot tub, meadow swing, and field space for games. They also provide a sheltered area for cooking and eating on most of their pitches. 

We love that they plant a tree for every family that stays with them. They also recycle, up-cycle, and keep the eco campsite small and off-grid. You can stay here with a clear conscience. 

We cannot recommend this campsite enough; the entire time we were there, we told each other how beautiful and peaceful it was. We felt present and engaged. We would love to stay here again. Our top tip is to look up whilst you are there; the sky here on a clear night is incredible for stargazing.

Learn more about Eco-Escape Campsite, Milford Haven here.

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