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Hi-Vis Workwear Buying Guide – All you need to know

Hi-vis workwear on construction team

High Visibility clothing is a requirement in many workplaces and can also be useful on low visibility days and nights for other outdoor activities such as cycling or for security work. Hi-Vis clothing is highly reflective and easily discernible, made in bright, fluorescent colours with retroreflective material that increases visibility. Considering that the second most common cause of death in the workplace is being struck by a moving vehicle, it is important that you and your employees are visible and protected to the required standards. 

The Legalities of Hi-Vis Workwear

The current legislation that refers to the use of personal protective equipment is the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. The regulation outlines the following:

·       The type and colour of high visibility clothing required depends on the conditions and risk in the environment.

·       The clothing must be appropriate to both the level of risk of carrying out the work and the actual work itself.

·       The clothing must fit correctly.

Furthermore, high visibility clothing must comply the EN471 High Visibility Specifications which are set into three classes:

Class 3: Highest Protection Level

·       Bands of reflective material to be no less than 50mm wide.

·       Background material no less than 0.8msq

·       Retroreflective material no less than 0.2msq

·       Usually clothing with long sleeves and reflective bands

·       Required for working in high risk environments

·       e.g motorway construction workers, police, paramedics, fire fighters

Class 2: Intermediate Protection Level

·       Bands of reflective material to be no less than 50mm wide

·       Background material to be no less than 0.5msq

·       Retroreflective material no less than 0.13msq

·       Required for medium risk environments

·       e.g low speed road construction workers, airport attendants, cyclists

Class 1: Minimum Protection Level

·       Bands of reflective material to be no less than 50mm wide

·       Background material no less than 0.14msq

·       Retroreflective material no less than 0.10 msq

·       For environments where visibility is useful but not required

·       e.g. parking attendants, warehouse workers, oil and gas workers, miners

Personalised Hi-Vis Uniform Options

Many UK embroidery companies are now offering personalised workwear and logo embroidery providing a smart means of identification and advertising for businesses. Our personalised hi-vis uniforms come in many styles and conform to all legal requirements.

One of the most popular and versatile hi-vis garments is the Hi-Vis Vest, certified to EN471 Class 2 requirements. Alternatively, if visibility is preferred but not required, in the case of Class 1, the Open Mesh Vest comes in 12 different colours, perfect for school trips or night-time outings.

If wearing a vest is impractical, or is an unnecessary layer on warmer days, our Hi-Vis short sleeve Tshirt is perfect for class 2 environments and the Long sleeve T-shirt meets class 3 standards. Alternatively, for a smarter look, our Embroidered polo shirt is a great option and the Long sleeve polo is perfect for class 3 high risk environments.

hi-vis t-shirt

For cooler days, the Hi-Vis Hooded Gilet is a perfect transitional piece along with the Hi-Vis sweatshirt and the Hi-Vis hoodie. Whilst for wetter days, the Waterproof Bomber Jacket is a popular choice for drivers due to the shorter length and Waterproof Overtrousers provide comfortable protection. The Hi-Vis Suit and Hi-Vis Motorway Jacket are an all-in-one, class 3 conforming, windproof and waterproof solution.  

All of our products are sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers with all printing being done in the UK, so you can be rest assured that your personalised workwear is both legally compliant and eco-friendly.