Volunteers in corporate branded clothing

7 Uses For Corporate Branded Clothing

Volunteers in corporate branded clothing

Whether you are looking for a promotional giveaway item, or a uniform that can be used for brand strengthening as well as employee identification, corporate branded clothing is the way to go. It is inexpensive, enables your customers and visitors to identify those that work for your business, and it allows you to reinforce your brand in the minds of potential customers.

What’s more, you have the choice of buying customised and branded clothing that has been printed on demand, or you can screen print t-shirts, polo shirts, and other garments, saving you money, in the long run, and ensuring that you always have access to the branded clothing that you require. Below are 7 beneficial ways that you can use corporate branded clothing to benefit your business.

1 – Exhibitions

Exhibitions and trade shows are a dynamic event that bring you and your potential clients together. It can give you exposure to a target market that you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and because most exhibitions are targeted to a particular industry or occasion, you can be assured that every potential visitor is targeted to the services you offer.

Exhibitions can prove highly profitable for the modern business, and corporate branded clothing is one of the elements of exhibition marketing that will help you achieve the best results.

Corporate branded clothing enables your event staff to stand out. Visitors will instantly be able to tell who they can approach for a chat and ensuring that the clothing contains suitable branding means that you will increase brand exposure and improve results from your exhibition marketing efforts.

Ensure that the clothing stands out, without putting visitors off, and consider incorporating details of your latest promotions and offers.

2 – In-Store

In the same way that branded clothing makes it easier for exhibition stand visitors, it can also improve in-store customer experience.

Branded uniforms make it easy for your customers to identify who they can approach for information. It also makes it easier for other members of staff to identify their colleagues and assistants.

Most large stores, and many smaller shops, offer their employees branded staff uniforms. As well as being beneficial for customers and for the business itself, branded clothing also offers benefits to the employee, negating the need to buy there own work clothes. You can also offer clothing that is warm, functional, and comfortable, as well as branded.

3 – Staff Uniforms

It isn’t just shops and retail stores that can benefit from offering their employees a uniform. Warehouses, offices, and almost any other venue can provide this same branded clothing benefit to their employees.

Offering a staff uniform invites your employees to become brand ambassadors. Do make sure that the uniform is branded according to the colours and design of your business, but also make sure that it is an appealing outfit. This will encourage the whole team to wear the clothes that you provide.

Assuming that the clothing you offer is well branded, and well designed, it will essentially act as a walking billboard. They promote your products or services and can even be used to advertise specific promotions and offers, for free. The only real cost associated with this type of advertising is the cost of printing the t shirts and other items.

4 – Promotional Products And Giveaways

Promotional products are a great way of showcasing your brand in offices, living rooms, and directly in front of your potential customers. By providing items like cups, pens, and mouse mats, you can ensure that recipients use the products regularly. Every time they use your branded product, customers will be exposed to your brand, and the more often a person is exposed to your brand, the more likely they will be to remember it in the future, when they are looking for the products or services that you have to offer.

As well as functional items like calculators and flash drives, you can also brand items including clothing, and give these to your prospective customers. As well as promoting your brand with the recipient themselves, they will also spread brand awareness whenever they wear the clothes you offer.

Giving away promotional clothing means that you have to have a strong and desirable brand to start with, or you need to create attractive and appealing clothing designs, if you want to ensure that the recipients wear them.

5 – Fun Days

Whether it’s a company only event, or you plan to include members of the local community and your loyal customers, a family fun day is a great way to promote a positive image of your business, and this can be complemented through the use of branded clothing.

Having your employees wear branded clothing means that attendees know who to approach if they have any problems or need any information. Your team might spend the day pointing out the location of the toilets, but they will be remembered for being helpful and for encouraging a fun day; an image that your guests will also associate with your business.

6 – Conferences

Conferences can be used by attendees and organisers to help spread the word about their business. Host your own conference and you can brand the event, although your speakers and attendees will want to promote their own business to some extent.

As well as corporate branded clothing for the organising team, you can also have branded lanyards, promotional clothing, and even branded gifts or branded bags to hand to attendees. A successful conference will live long in the memory of your attendees, and the corporate branding that you integrate into the day will also prove memorable.

7 – Charity And Sponsored Events

Consider sponsoring a local event or even a local team, according to the type of business that you have. Sponsor a local football team, or if you are targeting parents, sponsor a local child’s team. Offer to help organise and run local events, and have your employees wear their branded uniforms to the event. Do check that it is acceptable to wear your own uniforms or offer to sponsor the uniforms for the event so that all assistants and helpers will be wearing and promoting your brand.

Corporate branded clothing offers a great way to promote your business and gain brand exposure and there are a number of methods that can be used to get the corporate branded clothing you need.

For those looking to take a DIY approach, it is possible to purchase Screen printing kits which can be used to print on almost any flat surface, including mouse mats, canvases and more.  A.M. Custom Clothing offers a range of printed and embroidered clothing options to meet your uniform and workwear requirements.

With over 5,000 products available in the A.M. Shop, you’ll find something to meet your organisation’s needs.


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