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7 Benefits of Machine Embroidery

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The art of embroidery has seen some drastic changes in the last few decades. From being a highly skillful process that demanded a lot of time of the embroiderer, to computerized embroidery machines that has changed the entire scenario. The technological advancements made in the field of embroidery have simplified the process, which once seemed to be quite tedious.

Machine embroidery has been able to present some pivotal benefits that embroidery enthusiasts were not able to enjoy with hand embroidery. Below, we are going to have a look at 7 reasons which suggest that machine embroidery is the right choice over hand embroidery.

1) Highly Reliable

One aspect where machine embroidery comes out trumps is the reliability factor. Due to this, for industrial and commercial purposes, machine embroidery is preferred over hand embroidery. Reliability and certainty are one of the prime aspects of mass production and quality management.  However, with hand embroidery, the probability errors will always be very high. A computerised embroidery machine negates the possibility of errors and ensures that the final design is perfect.

2) Quick Implementation

Machine embroidery has made it possible to save to lot of time while implementing some of the most intricate designs. Where a simple piece of hand embroidery can take hours to complete, the same can be done within a matter of few minutes through the sophisticated and computerised embroidery machines. Also, the designs implemented by these machines are perfect and free from any sort of shortcomings. The significant reduction in time has resulted in greater production rates.

3) Advent of Embroidery Digitising Software

A programmable embroidery digitiser has played a crucial role in implementing machine embroidery designs online. With embroidery digitising services, you just need to give your desired design to them. The service will upload the pattern in a certain format that is readable by the embroidery machine. The embroidery digitising service will ensure that each and every design is exactly the same as the original.

4) Less Laborious

In contrast to hand embroidery, where an embroiderer has to implement the design on his own, in machine embroidery the digitising software will create the design for you. It doesn’t matter how intricate the design pattern is, the digitising software ensure that the embroidery design is created in a seamless manner. In hand embroidery, as there is a possibility of an error, where the embroiderer would have to create the design again.

5) Ease of Usage

An embroidery machine doesn’t require the embroiderer to participate much in the embroidery process as all the important tasks are performed efficiently by the machine. No previous experience or any advanced skills are required in order to operate these machines. Embroiderers will no or minimal prior knowledge are able to handle an embroidery machine with ease. However, in case of any query, these machines come with instruction manuals which will enable a person to learn more about them.

6) Larger Working Areas

It is easier to spread your fabric when you are using an embroidery machine which is not the case in hand embroidery. As an embroiderer, you will be able to check the operation of different parts of the machine. This will enable you to have a much clear view of the results and the embroidery design that is to be created.

7) Utilise Amazing Sewing Features

The latest embroidery machines come with great sewing features that have made it possible to design some of the intricate design patterns. As per the individual requirements, any type of design can be digitised and converted into sewing patterns. With the latest advancements in technology, more and more amazing features will be included in these machines that will further simplify the embroidery process.

Summing Up

All the reasons showcased above are enough to suggest that it is better to go for machine embroidery rather than sticking to the manual process. I hope that all the information highlighted is worthy of a read. Let me know your feedback in the comments section below.

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