Musicians in band wearing printed t-shirts

Looking for the best band merchandise & T-shirt printer?

Musicians in band wearing printed t-shirts

We’ve gained a reputation in the music industry for all the right reasons, and while we don’t like to boast (who are we kidding?!), we’ve supplied large festivals like Bestival and numerous high caliber artists - see some of these here.

But enough about us, let's talk about you... Musicians come in many forms - Youtube artists, small bands doing local gigs, and even those touring the nation, or many nations. The common theme among them all, is that it’s becoming increasingly harder to make money in the industry.

However merchandise can be a very different ball game, and can be an amazing way to generate that much needed revenue. In fact numerous significant clothing labels have been formed by musicians:

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz – Clandestine Clothing
Liam Gallagher – Pretty Green
N*E*R*D’s Pharrell – Billionaire Boys Club
Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes – Drop Dead Clothing
Kanye West – DW, Yeezi, Yeezy
Kings of Leon – Surface to Air
Wu Tang Clan – Wu Wear
Odd Future

The list goes on….


Additionally, the rise of merchandise as a viable income source has been further validated by the latest introduction of merchandise to Spotify.

So whether it’s band merchandise, your own line of branded products, or something else - printed and embroidered clothing is a great route to take.


So the question now is what clothing to choose, there’s all kinds of products available, from ethical t-shirts, to organic hoodies, and even Fairtrade tote bags. Or if you just want to keep it basic, thats cool too! At A.M. Custom Clothing we stock over 17,000 products, so if you can’t see what you want online, drop us an email, we’ll likely be able to help you!

Whether you’re wanting to sell products at gigs, online or even to your mum, now’s the time!

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