Amazing price drops from A.M. Custom Clothing


A.M. Custom Clothing is proud to announce price drops in some of our most popular products. Having released our Autumn/Winter prices, we have slashed the price of our Fairtrade cotton t-shirts by as much as £0.30 per unit, and our Fairtrade Polos by as much as £1.20 per unit.

These exciting price drops will help to make Organic Fairtrade clothing more accessible, to a broader spectrum of people and organisations. It will also bring their prices a step closer to unethical, unsustainable alternatives (and hopefully help to make these unethical products less attractive), in a world where consumers and businesses are looking for better ethical standards, but are still feeling the financial squeeze.

The price drops come as a result of closer relationships with our supply chain, which has, and will continue to yield new innovations in both ethical standards and product design. Recent successes have included Eco Lanyards and Sustainable Sublimation t-shirts.

If you would like to get a full copy of the new, updated price list and take advantage of this price reductions contact us. Alternatively you can request a quote, or call us on 01244 456 110.

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