What is Cut & Sew?


Following our previous blog post: What is sublimation printing?, this week we’re going to look closer at sublimation’s brother: cut & sew.

Most garments that are printed or embroidered, are off the shelf, pre-made, blank garments. Like many of those purchased from the A.M. Shop. However, people use cut and sew to make their garments a little more unique.

What is cut & sew?

Put simply, cut and sew is used to denote a garment (like a t-shirt), that has been customised from “raw” fabric, instead of simply being printed onto a pre-made, off the shelf garment.

Cut and sew may simply be used to change the sleeve design, or add pockets to a garment. This is often used when sublimation printing a t-shirt to allow for different designs to be printed onto sleeves.

Cut and sew can simply be the augmentation of an existing garment, or the manufacture of a complete garment from scratch.

Advantages of cut & sew

  • Cut and sew is great for when you want your clothing to be unique
  • It works great with sublimation printing, allowing for a complete, all over print
  • Works best for large quantity orders
  • Allows for the augmentation of existing garments, eg. add pockets or change the sleeves

Disadvantages of cut & sew

  • Cut and sew is more expensive than buying blank garments, because you don’t benefit from economies of scale
  • Not suitable for small orders (our minimum is 50 units)
  • Can take longer due to the labour intensive process
  • Not suitable for drop shipping (unless buying in bulk and storing)

Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about cut & sew or sublimation printing, or you would like to place an order then you can request a quote or contact us today. Alternatively, you can call us on 01244 515 528

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