Which is more important: organic or Fairtrade?

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This is an interesting question, that we get asked on a regular basis. And actually, there is no answer than we can give, because it depends on which of the two: organic or Fairtrade, aligns with your values.

The way to decide for yourself is to understand the difference between what “organic” means, and what “Fairtrade” means. On our blog, we have already explained what Fairtrade stands for, as well as outlining what is organic and Fairtrade clothing. But we’ll explain them very briefly here.


You’ve seen this word everywhere, particularly everytime you go to your local supermarket and see it plastered all over your carrots, milk and apples. But do you really know what it means?

There are lots of articles for what benefits organic brings to food, with many people arguing that there are no measurable health benefits to eating organic food, when compared to non-organic alternatives.

But the main difference is that organic products are produced without chemicals that can damage the environment. This is particularly important for clothing, since cotton is the dirtiest crop in the world. Organic clothing protects the environment, and the prevents people and animals for being exposed to noxious chemicals if they’re involved in, or near, the crop.


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Fairtrade on the other hand, focuses on the people that are involved in the growing of the raw materials. In the example of clothing, Fairtrade focuses on the working conditions and living standards of the people who are involved in growing the cotton.

By ensuring that fairer wages are paid, that workers are not exploited, or forced to work inhumane hours, or against their will, Fairtrade is able to protect some of the most vulnerable people in the supply chain.

So, what is better?

If you have to choose between organic, or Fairtrade then the answer is whether you care more about the removal of harmful chemicals from the supply chain, or fairer procurement practices throughout the supply chain.

But you don’t have to choose

A.M. Custom Clothing has a range of 100% Organic Fairtrade cotton clothing, that covers both areas, and more.

Would you like to find out more?

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