Screen Print Saturday – The Bear Hug

This week we decided to introduce you to a brand we’ve loved for a little while now, rather than just something we discovered this week, so this weeks Screenprint Saturday features Luke Dixon’s ‘The Bear Hug’.

We love something a little bit different, which is why ‘The Bear Hug’ brand, by Luke Dixon stood out to us, with such a unique and distinctive style.
Luke Dixon is a freelance graphic artist, using The Bear Hug clothing as an outlet for his creativity, bringing his artwork to the masses, rather than just those who commission him.
Each design is crafted by Luke himself and then screen printed onto a number of apparel products, with each design being limited edition; giving his fans a real feel of exclusivity. In designing each product himself there is a really personal feel to the brand, taking away from the generic products that are often churned out on the high street and bringing some originality.

We love Luke’s style and we love the products and if you do too, then you should go check out his online store filled with some fantastic screen printed apparel.