Fairtrade Friday – Cafédirect

It takes a healthy amount of coffee to keep the wheels turning on a business, which is why this Fairtrade Friday we wanted to introduce you to Cafédirect.

Back in 1989, the agreement that had ensured global prices for coffee were fixed in relation to production costs collapsed. This was devastating to the smallholder farmers around the world, leaving them with no option other than to sell their harvests at heavily reduced prices. Resulting in highly unfair trade with farmers being paid unfairly for their work and produce.

It was out of this crisis that Cafédirect emerged, helping to sell smallholder farmers products at Fair prices here in the UK, ensuring a fair pay for the farmers at the other end of the supply chain. This level of passion towards people and the planet, still runs through the brands core today; with the brand consistently innovating and evolving to remain as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. Furthermore the brand has reinvested over 50% of its profits back into the growers, whilst also ensuring 75% of the growers are shareholders in the company, providing a significant positive impact across their supply chain.

The company was one of the first coffee companies in the UK to carry the Fairtrade Mark, and continues to remain 100% Fairtrade across its product lines to this day.

We only buy Fairtrade tea and coffee at A.M. Custom Clothing, as it just makes sense. Furthermore we love Cafédirect’s products, not only do they keep us awake throughout the long days, they also taste great and we can guarantee that they have been produced in fair conditions with fair pay (which ticks our boxes).
They’re a great brand to look out for, with a fantastic range of products, so get yourself some feel good Fairtrade coffee next time you’re at the supermarket.