Fairtrade Friday – Divine Chocolate

So we’re halfway through Fairtrade Fortnight, and we have another great Fairtrade company to share with you this Fairtrade Friday, Divine Chocolate.

Divine Chocolate has been about for a while, having been established in 1998, with ownership split across 3 parties; Twin Trading (Fairtrade NGO), Body Shop International and Kuapa Kokoo farmers co-operative.
In 2006 Kuapa Kokoo gained a 45% stake in the company upon Body Shop donating their shares in the company, as well as Oikocredit buying 12% of the shares.

The board of directors now consists of 2 people from Kuapa Kokoo, 2 people from Tin and one from Oikocredit, Christian Aid and Comic Relief. We feel this is a fantastic set up as it gives all of the parties involved a voice, including those producing the products, something quite rare within Fairtrade and confectionary markets.
Due to this unique organisational model, the company went on to be awarded ‘Millennium Product’ in 1999.

The company have grown and developed enormously over the years, and have gone on to supply their product world wide.

Their story is a great one and so is the product. The packaging is gorgeous, and well thought out with, reflecting the origins of the product, with African Adinkra symbols used to create the surface pattern, bringing an almost hidden story to each product. Our design team, love great packaging so this had them very excited when they found out it not only looked great but also had a bit of meaning.
As well as looking great the products are delicious, and we’re pretty sure Divine Chocolate have contributed to our ‘winter curves’, however we just cannot say no.

So with Fairtrade Fortnight in full swing, if you’re looking for a chocolatey gift, or you’re just wanting to treat yourself, we highly recommend Divine Chocolate.

You can buy Divine Chocolate in any good store, or online.