Submit Research Papers & Infographics

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We’re pretty big geeks here at A.M. Custom Clothing; so if you’ve got a research paper, or even an infographic to show your research, we’d love to hear about it. It doesn’t have to be something completely groundbreaking (although we wouldn’t object to that); it just needs to be something relevant and engaging for our audience.


Writing research papers, or displaying research in an infographic are both pretty big tasks; however, if seen by the right audience it can be quite rewarding. Which is why we’d love to see your work, and if we think our audience will love it, we’ll be sure to publish it for our audience to see to. You’ll get credit, of course!


Our current content is read by thousands of people around the world per week; and has been picked up by numerous leading digital publications (eg. Digital Arts Magazine, Huffington Post, and more).

Publishing your content through reputable websites like ours can help position you as a professional in your field, to readers across the world; including potential employers, clients and publishers. Additionally, we’re happy to ensure you get a backlink to your site; helping to boost your blog or website, with increased exposure and traffic. If featured you’re also welcome to backlink to your article on our site (and shout about it as much as required!).


Selected research papers and infographics are posted onto our blog, alongside being shared across our social media, and in our marketing emails/newsletters that go out to thousands of companies across the UK and internationally.



How to submit

We ask that all submissions are sent via email at [email protected].

Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches, while we love to hear about new products, it’s not something generally appropriate for our blog.

We aim to respond to article submissions within 48 hrs with feedback, and/or approval.