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Circular Economy - Recycle Workwear, Uniforms and Merchandise


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A.M. Custom Clothing was founded with the mission to produce sustainable, Fair trade printed & embroidered clothing for workwear, uniform, merchandise, promotions & retail.  This has meant that we have always worked to ensure we offered clothing products that had the smallest possible environmental impact, using organic and recycled materials, ethical supply chains and sustainably powered facilities. 


Although our Fairtrade workwear & clothing products helps to reduce the impact on the environment, it will eventually reach the end of its useful life and need to be disposed of. This is why A.M. Custom Clothing has developed a solution to further reduce the environmental impact by recycling these products so that they can live on, continuing the positive difference they make. 


Less than 1% of all clothing products that are produced globally ever get recycled, leading to the equivalent of one lorry load of textiles thrown into landfill every second. Most of these materials could be used again, whether through reuse or recycling. Retailers have begun to tackle this by offering recycling bins in their stores for customers to drop off their unwanted fashion items. Charity shops have also accepted clothing products for decades, reselling them to customers to help raise funds.


However, whilst the consumer market is receiving a lot of focus for clothing recycling, workwear, uniforms and promotional clothing has been almost entirely overlooked. Part of the problem is that many recycling systems for clothing is to simply resell the products, or provide them to those in need of clothing. This does not work for printed polo shirts and jackets that are emblazoned with a company’s logo as their brand could be damaged if the garments are not handled correctly. 


A.M. Custom Clothing’s solution to this is to take these products, securely shred them and use the fibrous material in other products. Preventing the need for new materials to be produced and diverting the clothing garments from landfill. This allows us to recycle almost everything we sell whether it's PPE, or organic t-shirts, without the common limitations associated with re-manufacture.


Additionally, we do not limit this service to garments produced by us. We will accept and recycle all non-hazardous workwear.


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