Relabelling Price Calculator

Nearly all blank wholesale clothing products come with some kind of manufacturer labelling, that you may wish to remove. Please see below the options available. On the right hand side of each option you'll find a handy form that will calculate the price of your requirements. If you require manufacturers labels removing, or woven labels head over to this page for details on this.

a.m.custom clothing

Minimum Order: 50+.

Pros: Provide a branded finish, with low minimum order quantity and no surplus stock.

Cons: Sometimes more expensive on large volumes than woven labels.

External T-Shirt Nape Screen Print

Minimum Order: No minimum if ordering printed garments via our Online Shop.

Pros: Provide a branded finish, with no minimum order quantity and no surplus stock.

Cons: Manufacturers labels are not removed from the product with this method.

Price is calculated in our Online Shop.

Internal neck printing (without relabelling) is available on a minimum order of 25 units.

External Neck Printing

When choosing your print options in our Online Shop select 'Nape of Neck' to add your branding to the external nape. You can also add other print/embroidery to the garment if desired.


External Neck Printing

External T-Shirt Nape Screen Print

Minimum Order: 100+ (can be applied to 100+ units at a time - surplus tickets can be saved).

Pros: These can be a cost effective way to apply additional branding to your product - providing a complete retail finish. These are made from 100% recycled 457mic Brown Kraft Paper. They come in A8 size only, and include double sided printing.

Cons: Background colour cannot be changed from brown, due to material.

a.m.custom clothing

Minimum Order: 50+ & higher on some services (select services for details).

Pros: These deliver a complete retail ready finish. We use transparent poly bags when bagging. This is essential if using our warehousing & fulfilment services. For side seam relabelling we use overlock stitching for a retail quality finish.

Cons: High minimum order & expensive on low quantities.

Recent retail clients include:

We offer the highest quality retail ready production, trusted by some of the worlds most reputable brands. Our prices reflect this level of expert quality & UK production. If you need professional results, we can deliver.

Want to proceed? Here's some useful extra information!

Internal Neck Printing Lead time: 10-12 working days (approximate). This lead time accounts for complete production.

Neck Printing In Sweatshirts + Hoodies: Please note internal neck printing is not suitable on products like sweatshirts + hoodies, due to the nature of the internal fabric. If you wish to have neck printing, we suggest having this external. If not, woven labels will be most suitable. T-shirts are the most suitable product for internal neck printing. We will provide you with a template for neck printing if you do proceed with this option.

Keeping Manufacturers Care Labels or Neck Labels: Relabelling is not about hiding your suppliers, but about creating brand awareness in your products. Consumers cannot buy from wholesalers; so if working to a lower budget we advise printing your branding in your neck, and not removing any of the manufacturers labelling.

Manufacturers Labelling: Most garments contain some kind of manufacturers labelling or references; whether it's the side seam care labels or neck labels this is unavoidable. Having some kind of reference to the manufacturer or importer is a legal requirement in a number of countries so we recommend keeping this within the product where possible.

Prices are not inclusive of VAT

Prices are not inclusive of garments, shipping print, embroidery or additional services.

For more information please read the Trading Terms & Conditions on

How to add Internal Neck Printing, Swing Tags or Extra Services to your order

1) Select Your Products in our Online Shop

Select the products you require in our Online Shop. Ensure you hit the minimum order requirements.


2) Calculate the Prices

Head over to our Relabelling Calculator (this page) to see how much extra you’ll need to pay if you decide to go ahead with any of the additional services. Alongside working out what relabelling option is best for you.


3) Order your Products

Order your garments from our Online Shop. Once your order is made, a designer will get in touch with you for your artwork - when you send your artwork, let them know you’d also like extra services on your order. Let them know the option you’d like to go with having used our Relabelling Calculator.


4) Pay for your extra services!

Your dedicated designer will send you an invoice for your extra requirements. Once the invoice has been paid, we’ll get digital mockups together for everything your require. Nothing goes to production until you are happy.