Important Issues

There are a number of underlying issues, of which are important to our business, each of these we aim to tackle as effectively as possible.

As a business we inevitably have an impact on the environment and those within it. Our business faces a number of challenges of which are of importance to us, the issues of which we aim to address within our industry include:


  • Emissions
  • Waste Water
  • Use of fertilizers
  • Use of hazardous chemicals in dyes

Unclear supply chains/lack of transparency


  • Pollution
  • Usage in production
  • Irresponsible Irrigation
  • Lack of education of challenges faced

Use of fossil fuels across supply chains

Unclear certifications

  • Internally awarded
  • Lack of understanding


  • Packaging
  • Cotton
  • Waste materials created in production

Procurement across supply chains

Ethical standards within supply chains

  • Poor working conditions
  • Child labour
  • Exploitation
  • Inequality