Ensuring your order arrives before Christmas

Christmas deadlines banner

Shops are still filled with Halloween decorations and have only just begun pushing their fireworks, but we’ve got our eyes on Christmas already.   

Things are always busy in late November and early December for us and our entire industry, but our supply chain partners are telling us this year will take it to a whole new level.  

We’ll spare you the details (containers, drivers, customs, Brexit…you know the drill), but the bottom line is this: if you’re planning to have products in time for Christmas, get in touch with us now  

Stock levels of products are lower and replenishment is taking longer than usual, so help us get you what you need by beating the rush. We will try to find alternatives wherever possible, but this can sometimes take a little bit of extra time. It’s also likely that the cut off for last orders will be earlier than usual.   

Additionally, please be mindful we are encountering instances of delays in the delivery of goods and thus our due-in dates are fluctuating.

Of course, we will be open and working up until the big day as we always are and we’ll always try to help you with any last-minute requests. But buying early is going to put you at the front of the queue for popular products.   

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