DTG Printed T-Shirt UK

How to Get the Best DTG Printed T-Shirts

DTG Printed T-Shirt UK

T-shirts, other clothing garments, and general merchandise are some of the best ways to get your brand out into the world. It lets you engage with customers by allowing them to represent the brands they love while providing your business with plenty of free publicity every single time they wear them. 

If you’re looking into new designs for clothing and merchandise, then there are few better options available to you than direct to garment printing, or DTG. A relatively new and method in which the ink is printed directly into the fabric. It’s essentially the same as printing onto paper, but instead, it prints onto fabric. Here are just some of the reasons why DTG printing is such a valuable method of creating fantastic clothing designs and how you can get the most out of it.

Fast Turnaround

One of the biggest sources of frustration for a lot of people when trying to print onto any kind of garment or fabric is that it can be something of a long and labour-intensive process. Something like screen printing can take a long time to set up thanks to the need to prepare the individual screens, making it only really suitable for larger production runs.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to direct to garment t-shirt printing. All you need for DTG printing is the file with your design, the printer, and the t-shirt itself. This means that your design can be become a printed t-shirt in a matter of seconds.

No minimum order quantities 

Another common issue for a lot of people trying to make printed custom clothing is that they end up having to order far more than they actually need. The cost of equipment and labour means that it’s only really feasible for a lot of traditional garment printing companies to offer orders in bulk. That’s great if you’ve got huge orders to fill yourself, but if not, you could well end up both wasting money and having to put up with a huge amount of surplus product that you don’t need. 

Once again, this is an issue that direct to garment printing solves. Thanks to the incredibly streamlined process of DTG t-shirt and clothing printing, there are no setup costs. That means that it’s just as viable to print a handful of custom printed t-shirts, or even a single one, as it is to print a bulk order. 

Whether it’s a huge order or a tiny one, DTG printing for t-shirts and other custom clothing is a great option.

No added costs for extra colours

If you’re using screen printing as a method to make custom printed clothing, then you have to consider the setup costs involved with each colour. 

If your design is simple and only uses a single colour then you may find screen printing is the best option (particularly for larger quantities). However, if you start including more colors then the costs are going to start to increase. 

Screen printing prices are worked out per colour, which can make more colourful designs cost more. With direct to garment printing, it doesn’t matter if you want a single colour on your printed t-shirt or fifty! It’s going to cost you the same amount no matter what. 

This also means that it’s a whole lot easier to experiment with colours and styles so that you can be sure that you get it exactly right.

Easily print complex designs

A major limitation of some traditional printing methods is that you’re not necessarily going to be able to print intricate designs. This usually means giving up some smaller details or removing colour gradients.

With DTG printing, the process is entirely digital, so it doesn’t matter how intricate and complicated your design might be, it can be printed just as easily. This includes everything from designs with tiny text to full-color photographs.

Of course, it won’t matter how fantastic the quality of your printed garments are if you’re not willing to put in the work to ensure that your designs are the kinds of things that people will actually want to wear.

Whether you’re creating a fashion line or you’re using clothes to market an existing business, the right balance between a fantastic DTG print quality and an eye-catching and dynamic design is absolutely essential.

Is DTG Printing Right For You?

We keep things simple at A.M. Custom Clothing; when you place an order with us, our expert team will select the right print method for your order whether that’s DTG printing or another method like screen printing.  This ensures you don’t have to spend years gleaning the knowledge of a printer before making your order & also ensures you get the best prices.

Please note all of our print processes are of the highest quality and durability, so perfect for whatever you need.

If you do require a specific print method to be used, you’ll find details on how to do this & more information here.

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