T-Shirt Neck Print

Startup Fashion Brand Relabelling Guide

T-Shirt Neck Print

So you’ve read our help centre article “Why We Don’t Offer Relabelling & Why You Should Use an Expert“, and have decided printing your logo into the neck (or externally to the nape for optimal brand exposure) is the best option for you. However, you’re wanting a product that doesn’t have manufacturers branding plastered over the neck labels.
Fortunately we stock a few brands that are perfect for what you need:


Stanley Stella T-Shirts
These just have a size tab in the neck. They do have care instructions in the side seam, however, it’s worth keeping there (read more on this here).


Bella & Canvas
These have a tear out tag in the neck, so you can simply tear out the manufacturers tag before shipping to your customer.

These are quality products perfect for retail so are a little more expensive than some of our lower priced products.
We advise printing externally to the nape for maximum exposure and consistency. As the sole reason you’re adding your logo is so customers remember the product is from you; so you may as well get the added benefit that the whole world sees your brand name, as well as your cool graphic on the front. Additionally, for external nape printing, if ordering through our website there is no minimum. For internal neck printing there is a minimum order of 50+ products.
If you’re looking for hoodies & sweatshirts we can’t print inside the neck (due to the soft fleece like fabric), so we’d advise printing on the external nape.


If woven labels and relabelling is essential, we can put you in touch with a suitable company. Or we can ship direct to your preferred pre-retail processing company for relabelling.

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