How to Build a Community Through Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom printed volunteer T-shirts

Many unique values and qualities tie us to others in our community. Perhaps you share a love of marathons or participating in charity efforts to reduce waste in the ecosystem. Perhaps you participate in the student council at your local university or you work for a small local coffee shop. Having a custom t-shirt for your organisation, group or charity can be seen as a uniform of sorts and provides members with a way to proudly sport their affiliation. Whether you belong to a sports team, a church, or work for a company, you belong to a community. Developing a branded garment, such as a custom printed t-shirt for your organisation is a way to strengthen the bond between your members, and because your team is unique, you deserve to wear something that is just as unique.

Give Members the Opportunity to Create the Design

Not everyone is born an artist, but everyone knows someone who is.  Inspiration for your business, charity or Christian t-shirts, can be taken from social media, competitors, or different groups and industries. Think beyond just sticking a logo on the front of the shirt. Sometimes you may have a phrase that resonates within your community or an image that represents who your members are. This can be the design for the t-shirt. 

Get creative, and work with each other to develop a design that everyone will be excited to wear. If your organisation is in an area that is often extremely cold, opting to design a custom printed sweatshirt rather t-shirt may be a better option. 

Have Members Vote on the Design

Allow your members to create the design and then take it one step further: allow them to vote on which design they feel represents them best. Giving members the opportunity to vote on the design not only increases the chances that a well-designed idea will be chosen, but that it will also be more likely to represent your organisation. 


The members of an organisation are the reason that it exists, so remembering to allow them into each stage of the process is a key way to encourage this union. There’s a phrase that says, “you are what you wear,” so it is important that the custom shirts represent those who are wearing them.

About the Guest Author

Blake McDaniel guest writer photoBlake McDaniel is the owner of Rooted and Grounded. She loves all things home decor, clothing, and accessories. She enjoys combining inspirational word art with stylish clothing and decor. She has a passion for helping to remind people of the important things in life through quality, everyday products. As the owner of a Christian based company, she loves connecting with other similar brands that have the same heart.

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