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Can You DTG Print on Dark Colours?


Direct To Garment (DTG) printing, is a modern print method that works in a similar way to desktop, inkjet printers, but instead of printing on to the top of paper Direct to Garment printing injects ink into the fabric.

The easiest DTG printing is done onto white, or very light coloured garments because the print stands out more against the colour of the garment. There are many printers and custom clothing providers who are not able or willing print using Direct to Garment onto dark garments.

Despite this, beautiful results can be achieved from DTG printing on to dark, or even black, clothing. Our team have years of experience in this, and have developed industry leading techniques to help achieve these vivid colours.

By injecting a layer of white ink as a base layer first DTG printing can become the perfect solution for printing small quantities of highly detailed, multiple colour artwork onto t-shirts and other clothing.

Another benefit of Direct to Garment printing from A.M. Custom Clothing is that there are no setup fees, and no minimum orders. This makes DTG ideal for small runs where setup charges would become prohibitive.

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