What format does artwork need to be in for vinyl printing?

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The Requirements

With vinyl printing we require vector artwork and are unable to print without this. The accepted vector file format includes, .ai & .eps files, we also accept vector PDF files.

Why is this necessary?

Vector artwork is required in order for us to cut your artwork out using a digital plotter. This technology relies completely on vector artwork, with no other artwork suitable.
If you do not have vector artwork we would suggest another print method like direct to garment printing.

How do I get my files in this format?

When designing for print, especially with simple designs we always recommend designing within Adobe Illustrator. In using Illustrator you can produce vector graphics that we can easily print using a variety of print methods, vinyl included. If a typeface is used in your artwork, please ensure you convert the typeface into outlines.

If you are not the designer yourself, simply ask your designer or design agency for the vector artwork files. They will be more than happy to send these over to you.

If you have any more questions in regard to vinyl printing or the artwork required, get in touch. If you would like a quote for screen printing, request a quote now.

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