Feel Good Friday – Lush

So Feel Good Friday is here and the last 2 weeks have flown by! It’s that time of the week where we tell you a little bit about a eco and ethical company we know of and love!
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This week we want to talk about a brand a lot of you will know, or will have at least seen on the high street, that being Lush.

Lush’s products officially launched way back in 1995 and they have continued to go from strength to strength since. However there history spans back before this. It all started with the team making hugely successful products for the Body Shop, following which they launched a mail order business named Cosmetics to Go.

Cosmetics to Go, was greatly shaken up, rebranded to Lush, and has successfully grown into the international company we know and love today. Despite growing, they have stayed true to their original beliefs of being friendly, accessible with a fantastic range of fresh products that are kind to your skin. What’s more, everything is made by hand, giving a very personal touch to each and every product.
We’re big fans of the brand, and their ethical and environmental practices, which is why we can’t recommend the company enough.

If you would like to know more about Lush, or want to buy some of their brilliant products, head over to the Lush Website, or visit your local store.