Fairtrade Friday – Fair Squared

Fairtrade Friday has come round once again. This week we want to introduce you to a pioneering Fairtrade cosmetic company of which we recently discovered, called ‘Fair Squared’, based in Newcastle and Cologne.

They’re firm believers that doing ‘just enough’ isn’t enough, so as a brand they strive to go that extra bit further, which is evident, with a host of products that didn’t exist in the Fairtrade market until they came along!
The brand provide a range of products from lip balms to hand creams, all of which are Fairtrade certified, meaning guaranteed fair ethical standards for those producing the raw materials.

As well as being great for people and the planet, the brand also have some seriously cool style, they even won an award for their packaging back in 2011.

We’re really impressed with Fair Squared and if they sound good to you, then you can find out more on their website.