University of Chester Business School

Case Study

The University of Chester, is an extremely dynamic and forward thinking institution, with sustainability a priority across the university. Their drive towards a sustainable future, lead to the Green Chester initiative, an ongoing campaign designed to give staff and students to opportunity to transform the environmental impact the University has.

A.M. Custom Clothing initially started working with the University on the Green Chester campaign, providing them with products that fit their ethical and environmental requirements, whilst also being of the highest quality. We furthermore played a key part in the print design, working with the University to design a product that would truly appeal to their students.

Our work with Green Chester was extremely successful, and resulted in our reach expanding across to numerous other departments, including the prestigious Business School.

We’ve worked closely with the business school, providing them with products for students, staff and events, on a number of occasions. As a result of continually delivering the highest quality with a reliable service, we continue to regularly supply the Business School; as well as supplying to the university across all of their campuses.