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10 Years Of Collaboration

Over the last decade we've collaborated with societies, student-led projects, non-academic departments and faculties.

University embroidered logo on hoodie

A.M. Custom Clothing has worked closely with the University of Chester over the last 10 years, supplying societies, student-led projects, non-academic departments and faculties. 

Our partnership has been a success in many ways. The wide range of custom-branded clothing products supplied by us has helped to create a sense of unity and belonging among the students, which has been a positive effect on campus. 

Our work together has also helped the university work towards its objectives in environmental sustainability and supply chain standards, creating a sense of pride and ownership among the students.

After a decade of working together, here are some of the highlights of our work with the University of Chester.

Chester Business School - Creating a Sense of Community During Induction

The University of Chester Business School partnered with A.M. Custom Clothing to provide ethically-certified sweatshirts for their students to create a sense of unity and belonging among the students. This was especially important after the COVID-19 pandemic meant students hadn’t been able to come together physically for a few years. 

The sweatshirts and hoodies were designed to be practical and stylish, with bright but tasteful colours chosen to strike a balance between making them instantly recognisable but also something students would want to wear over and over again. To help achieve this, we worked with the university during the design stage and produced samples to test it.

The sweatshirts were handed out during induction week and formed a big part of the “Back to Business” campaign. Unlike some other merchandise that is traditionally handed out during freshers and induction weeks, students continued to wear their sweatshirts over the whole academic year, adding to the genuine sense of community they have helped to foster.

Watch our interview with Fran Shollo from the University of Chester

Working with the University Of Chester’s Sustainability Department

We eagerly accepted the opportunity to work with the University of Chester's Green Chester campaign on their T-shirt project, aligning with our passion for creativity and environmental sustainability. 

The project aimed to recognise the University's Environmental Champions with a small run of sustainably sourced, climate-neutral, and organic T-shirts, featuring eye-catching designs. The fashionable T-shirts have successfully raised awareness of the initiatives by serving as walking billboards on campus. 

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do so it is important for us that the Green Ts we provide for our volunteers are sustainable and reflect our principles. A.M. Custom Clothing’s solution ticked all of our boxes, making them fashionable as well as organic, ethical and having 90% reduced CO2 emissions.

Alice Rose Elliott- Sustainability Manager

Working with the University of Chester’s Entrepreneurship Society

We are committed to working with young people and student organisations and have a track record of supporting student initiatives, including societies, teams and student-led projects. So we were thrilled to collaborate with Chester Endeavour, the University of Chester's Entrepreneurship Society, on their marketing campaign for Mission Moscow. 

The project involved students raising money through their own business ventures to buy a ticket to Moscow to attend Global Entrepreneurship Week being hosted in Moscow. Chester Endeavour saw the potential in our products and invested in a number of organic T-shirts, which were used to help promote the initiative on campus by raising awareness and creating a sense of community among the students involved. 

The organic T-shirts were soft, fashionably styled, and ethically certified, aligning with the values of the students alongside being durable enough to be a lasting memento."

“Chester Endeavour has been keen from day one to provide a sense of belonging with students, but it has often been difficult. Our Mission Moscow t-shirts were a great way to tick several boxes, we got brand exposure, marketing and created a buzz on campus; all this from just a t-shirt! We’ll definitely be back for more next year.”

Tom Haworth - Vice President