Manufacturing Partners

While we are able to manufacture bespoke garments ourselves, in most instances we work with manufacturing partners. Our partners allow us to deliver huge variety, with hundreds of thousands of products, while also maintaining the world's highest standards and quality. We have close relationships with all of our hand-picked partners, ensuring a seamless supply chain. Through working with these partners we are able to deliver the largest collection of responsibly sourced, retail quality garments; all of which can be customised to meet your needs.

Some clothing printers will boast their own factories, however, in most circumstances this is only appropriate for bespoke manufacture of products. If used across all of their product lines or ‘Off The Shelf’ products, you are likely to encounter a limited number of products, higher costs (due to greater overheads), as well as slower production times.

Some products will have our manufacturing partners branding inside; this branding is not removed by us (unless requested otherwise) as we are keen to keep our supply chain as transparent as possible. There will be no external manufacturer branding to any garment (unless stated otherwise).

If bespoke manufacture is something you do require, please visit this page.